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What Pokemon is best for the eleite four?

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What lvl should you be to vs the eleite four in Pokemon black?

the first time your Pokemon should be ranging from lv 50-68 the 2nd time your Pokemon should be ranging from lv 68-79

Can you catch the three dogs in fire red before beating the eleite four?

no sorry

How do you defeat the Eleite 4 on Pokemon Emerald?

stupid question. ill tell u how. use ure Pokemon to defeat them

What is the best team with Empoleon in it for the eleite 4 in Pokemon pearl?

Have at least one high level legendary... they really help. Any Pokemon on a high level... (good against bug, fire, psychic, and ground)

What is the best Pokemon that can learn fly in Pokemon ruby?

Rayquaza is the strongest/best Pokemon that can learn fly, but you can only access Rayquaza AFTER you beat the elite four. Flygon is the best Pokemon before you beat the elite four that you can catch.

What is the best grass type Pokemon four the elite four?

its bad to get a grass Pokemon if its pearl or dimond get a chimchar

Pokemon ruby is swampert the best to defeat the elite four?

yes swarpert is a greatest Pokemon to defeat elite four

What is the best Pokemon to choose in ruby?

rayqauza is the best but you have to beat the elite four

What are the best Pokemon for the elite four on Pokemon Stadium?

I would suggest fighting the elite four with a water, fire, ice, rock, electric, and fighting type pokemon.

What is the best Pokemon used to defeat the elite four?


Whats the best way to train your Pokemon in Pokemon yellow?

elite four again and again.worked for me

What Pokemon nature is best for speed in Pokemon platinum?

There are four. Timid, Hasty, Jolly and Naive.

What is the best place to train in pokemon soulsilver?

Elite four is the best because they get better and better, and your Pokemon are equally matched up.

What are the best Pokemon to have in your party when facing the elite four in Pokemon emerald?

Fire and water are the best combination to beat the elite 4.

What do you do after you get 16 badges in pokemon soulsiver?

rebattle eleite four and champ then depending on the game go to paltriberg city??? (the one with brocks gym) by the poke center there is a man on a hill he will give you a wing (if its ss rainbow wing if its hg the clear wing) then you can get the other pokemon (ho-oh or lugia) by going to the bell tower or to the sea foam islands

How do you beat the first guy of the elite four in Pokemon platinum?

Its best if you have 1 fire Pokemon and 1 ground Pokemon.

What is the best way to beat the Elite Four in Heat Gold and Soul Silver?

The best way to defeat them is to train your Pokemon. No Pokemon will be above level 50 or something like that. The 4 main elite four, their Pokemon are only in their forties.

Where is the best place to train Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

in the battle area which is accesible after beating the elite four

Which Pokemon is the best to beat the elite four in sapphire?

any level 100 Pokemon that is a dragon type

Where is the best place to get exp points in pokemon leafgreen?

you know in every Pokemon game . THE ELITE FOUR!

Best Pokemon for beating the elite four?

There really isn't a best Pokemon team for the Elite Four. All you need are strong Pokemon, items like full restores, and Pokemon you have trained all along your journey. But, your best bet is to use your starter and maybe a few legendaries. Pokemon who are good against all the people will do as long as they are high leveled.

Where is the best place to train up Pokemon?

battle the elite four

What is the best beginner Pokemon in ruby to beat the elit four?


Where is the best place to level up your Pokemon in soulsilver?

The elite four

What is best Pokemon for first elite four?

the best Pokemon for the 1st elite four in Pokemon diamond would be a fire type with strong fire moves like flamethrower and fire blast because the first elite four is a bug trainer . i would personally recommend a rapidash or infernape.