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You need a wailord in the front of your party and a relicanth in the back. Don't use the master ball on any of the reli's. Save it for Latios or Latias. If this doesn't work, than switch wailord and relicanth around. (The REli's are not very good unles you get the right moves and train them, so don't expect the best Pokemon in the game.)

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Q: What Pokemon is needed to get rigice?
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On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Rigice?

You can get a rigice on Pokemon Emerald in the Island Cave,which is on Route 105.You need to unlock the Rigi's though,before you can attempt this.

How do you awaken regigigas in Pokemon Platinum?

You need Rigice, Registeel, and Regirock in your party, then talk to Regigigas.

How do you find rigice in Pokemon diamond?

Pal Park or trade is the only legit way. In platinum, you may find the Regice, if you have an Event Regigigas, but only in Platinum.

What is the best pokeball to catch rigice in?

you use a timer ball

Where is rigigigas on Pokemon Pearl?

here is a hint he is in a place where a lady does not let you enter ok he is in the snowpoint temple in snowpoint city you only get him by migrating rigirock rigice and rigisteel (national dex)from sapphire and beating the Pokemon league

Where can you find regirock in Pokemon deluge?

on map 8 i found a shiny and dak rigirock and on map 11 shiny rigicegood luck poh battle me on mygame and killme12 and jamjam2

How do you get rigice at Pokemon pearl?

to catch regice you need to beat the Elite four and the champion,after you do that you need to go to snow point city.then you need to go to the snow point temple.there, there will be regice.Good Luck

Where do you find gligars in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

do u mean rigigas or watever what its name u need 3 pokemons rigice rigirock and rigisteal (i dont remember there names) from gba virsions and its in snow point city in north.

What Pokemon is needed for cape brink?

your starter Pokemon

Pokemon needed to complete the national pokedex?

482 Pokemon are needed I have 282 right now!!! How ironic

Which 6 Pokemon will be needed to deafeat the elite four in Diamond and Pearl?

There is are no certain Pokemon needed to defeat the elite four. Just use your strongest Pokemon.

How do you open the regi?

I's esay is like opennig them in Pokemon ruby version but you need walord and relicanth to open them and for rigirock is right,right,down,down then use rock smash for rigisteel use fly on the middle and for rigice walk around the cave

How many ribbons are needed to get into the club in Pokemon platinum?

10 on one Pokemon

What Pokemon is needed to get the azure flute?


What Pokemon are needed to purify shadow lugia?

Four of the same Pokemon it doesen't matter which

What is the code needed to use a GameShark in Pokemon?


How do Pokemon get experience quick?

exp.share needed when training

How can you get Victini in Pokemon Black?

you needed to get a victini pass when pokemon black and white first came out.

Tell me roughly which level of Pokemon you needed to pass the elite four on Pokemon diamond?


In Pokemon red rescue team where can you find water Pokemon friends?

In stormy sea (Dive is needed) , Waterfall pond (waterfall is needed), and other area's with water.

What are al the legandaries you can catch in pearl without codes?

Azelf,Uxie,Mesprit,Palkia,Giratina,Heatran,Cresselia,Manaphy(Pokemon Ranger Needed), Phione(Manphy Needed) Regigigas(The 3 other Regi's Needed),Darkrai(Event Needed), Shaymin(Event Needed) and Arceus(Event Needed). P.S Rotom is NOT a legendary pokemon.

What Pokemon are needed to beat steven?

Its not what its how you control your Pokemon. I beat Steven with my own Pokemon not LEGENDARY Pokemon regular. As long as you train them right it should work out.

What the does DNA and Pokemon have to do with each other?

Pokemon DNA are having mixing of human DNA are ulta needed to do.

Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon heart gold?

I can't remember but on super it shows a Pokemon modifier code no bottons needed!

What fossil is needed to get an onamyte in Pokemon pearl?

Helix fossil