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use a ditto, ditto will breed with any Pokemon except legendary

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How do you get Charmander to learn beat up in Pokemon pearl?

get a Pokemon that knows beat up and mate it with a female charmeleon or charizard

What types of Pokemon can mate with each other?

I think ditto can mate with any Pokemon or if you have a male and a female of the same Pokemon they can mate

What level does Ditto have to be to mate?

Ditto and any other Pokemon can mate at any level. All you have to do is put them in the day-care with the Pokemon you want it to mate with.

How do you get a baby charasazard in Pokemon FireRed?

a baby charizard is charmander but u mate it with a girl or a boy charizard or go catch a ditto put the ditto in the day care and put the charizard in the day care to sooner or later ull see an old man standing out talk to him and he gives u and egg NOTE:take out the charizard out cuz it keeps making eggs i hope that helps

Does anyone have the list of pokemon that Ditto can mate with?

Ditto can mate with almost all other Pokemons, except : Legendary Pokemon, and another Ditto...

What is the best tipe of Pokemon to mate in white?

A Ditto is the best Pokemon to mate with in Pokemon White.

Who can mate with Cresselia?

I don't think anyone can mate with Cresselia, because she's a legendary pokemon. And I'm pretty sure legendaries can't breed with any other pokemon.

Where do you get a turtwig egg?

Mate a Turtwig with a Ditto in the daycare or if you have a female Turtwig or its evo's mate it with a other Pokemon. Otherwise, trade with a friend. No other way other than Action Replay.

What Pokemon can mate with a female combusken?

dito can mate with any Pokemon besides legenderys

Can any Pokemon mate with Ditto?

Not legendaries but mostly all Pokemon can mate with ditto

What Pokemon can mate with togetic?

It depends on whats the gender of the Pokemon and you can mate it with another togetic or any Pokemon that its opposite gender

How do you mate pokemon in FireRed?

Put either your gender Pokemon in the daycare, and put Ditto, or another Pokemon compatible to mate with your other Pokemon that's a different gender, and walk off for a while, then come back, and the old man outside the daycare will say your pokemon were holding an egg, and you take it.

What Pokemon can you mate?

any Pokemon that isent legendary

How do you mate Pokemon in soul silver?

well you don't mate Pokemon but if you find a ditto and put it in the day care with another Pokemon (other than legendaries) they will find a egg and ask you if you want it and that will be like a copy of the Pokemon you put in with ditto with some of the same moves! hope I helped :)

Ar code ditto can mate with any Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

it alredy can mate with all non legindarys (rotom is NOT a legindary) only heatran can mate i think :/

Which Pokemon can breed with Serperior?

A ditto can mate with any Pokemon

How do you get heatran to mate?

Even though it has a gender, it is still a legendary pokemon, and can not mate.

Which Pokemon can Ditto mate with Pokémon White?

Ditto are able to breed with any other Pokémon except legendaries, babies, and other Ditto.

What Pokemon are allowed to mate in Pokemon Diamond?

Any Pokemon with the little gender doohicky.

What Pokemon can eevee breed with?

you can mate it with bidoff

How do you make a pokemon mate?

Put them in the daycare

Can pigs mate with other animals?

no but you can mate with them

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