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The majority religion of Cyprus is Greek Orthodox. However, the occupied Northern Territory is largely Muslim. There is also a substantial British expat community (around 12%). Greek Orthodox is described in the link below; however there are some local variations. Perhaps the most interesting is Kataklysm. This is a celebration(!) of the Great Flood described in Genesis. It's combined with Pentecost and has some association with the birth of Aphrodite - who was born in Cyprus.

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Are religious beliefs the same as religious values?

Not exactly. Beliefs are something that you personally believe. Values are ideas, customs, or institutions.

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archetectural studies and religious studies

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the religious beliefs held by the Shang

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The beliefs and customs of a people?


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whats another work for customs

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To Be able To Live THEIR Religious BeliefsTo Be able To Live THEIR Religious Beliefs

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What is the easiest way to dispose of a dead body?

Burning or burying according to the customs of any religious beliefs if any are held and adhering to the legislation of the country in question

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