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The Ural Mountains.

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What Russian mountain chain is located near the meridian at 60 East longitude?

The Ural Mountains. It is the boundary between Europe and Asia, along with the Caucasus Mountains that run perpendicular to the Urals. Its tallest peak, Mount Naordnaya is located at 65o02'N and 60o07E.

What Russian mountain chain is located near the meridian at 60 degrees east meridian?

The Urals. They are generally considered to be the dividing line between Europe and Asia.

What mountain chain is Everest located in?

Mount Everest is located in the Himalayas.

Where is the mountain chain located (describe)?


What is the chain of mountains that is located in the southern part of modern Turkey?

the Taurus mountain chain

Where is the largest mountain chain in the world located?

The Himalayas is the largest mountain range in the world.

What continents is the Andes and Rocky Mountain chain located?


Mountain chain in washington?

The Olympic mountain range and the Cascade mountain range are both located in Washington state.

What is the widest mountain in the whole world?

The Alps located in Switzerland is the longest mountain chain in the world.

Where is the tallest mountain chain in the world?

The Himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world, and it is located in Asia.

What is the name of the Asian mountain chain that has the worlds highest mountain?

The Himalayan mountain chain is the highest range in the world and is located in the Asian Continent along the Indian Sub Continent

What is a mountain chain called?

A mountain chain is called a mountain chain.

What mountain chain is located south of Caspian sea?

Elburz Mountains

What is a great mountain chain located in eastern US?

these are the Appalachian Mountains.

What chain of mountain is located in the northern part of Iran?

ural mountains

Where is Smokey Mountain located?

Smokey Mountain is located on the Tennessee and North Carolina border in the eastern United States. Smokey Mountain is over 6000 feet tall and are a part of the Appalachian Mountain chain.

The Incas huge empire was located in which mountain chain?

The Inca empire was located throughout the Andes Mountains.

In which mountain chain would you find the city of Banff?

It is located in the Rocky mountains

What is the name of the chain of mountains located along the north of India?

Himalaya Mountain

This chain of mountain is located between the black Caspian seas?

the caucausus mountains

Where are the biggest mountains in the world located?

The Himilayan mountain chain (Nepal/India)

Mountain chain in Oregon and Washington?

The mountain chain located in Oregon and Washington is the Klamath Mountains. The Klamath Mountains run along the western shore from Canada through to California.

Which island chain is located at 24 degrees north latitude and 74 degrees west longitude?

The Bahamas.

Which is larger a mountain range or a mountain chain?

a chain

In which Asian mountain chain is the world's highest mountain?

Mt. Everest, the highest mountain above sea level, is located in Mahalangur Himal of the Himalayas.

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