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By that time, they're no longer looking at the SAT; they'll be looking at your LSATs.

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Q: What SAT score do you need to be accepted to the Harvard School of Law?
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What kind of ACT score do you need to get into Harvard Law School?

you need to go to undergraduate college first and then you can apply to Harvard law school. before that you need to have at least a 3.7 college GPA and you need to take the LSAT (law school admissions test). most accepted applicants at Harvard have a 168/180 (or higher) on their LSAT.

What is the sat and act score required for Harvard medical school?

You need a 31-34 to get in Harvard University

What ACT score do you need from high school to get accepted to TCU?

You should have a 28 to be accepted.

What score do you need in your ACTs to get in to Harvard?

Perfect score

What LSAT score do you need to be accepted into Harvard School of Law?

LSAT range (25 to 75 percentile): 169 to 175. If you have a 169 you probably need very good grades and otherwise a competitive admissions packet.

What kind of ACT score do you need to get into Harvard Medical School?

Super HIGH I would know!

Is language required at Harvard?

No, you need to get really good grades like A's and B's and then get accepted for it. Classes are available but you do not need to take a language to enroll or be accepted into Harvard.

Do you need to be a citizen to go to Harvard?

No, international students are accepted.

What percentage score do you need to enter Harvard?


What mcat score do you need to get into Harvard?

You would definetly need a 37S or higher.

What is the SAT score you need to be accepted at Camden County College?

None - anyone who graduates high school is admitted.

What does your score need to be to get into Harvard taking the new SAT test?

To get an admission into harvard, you need between 2100-2300 in the SAT test

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