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What SAT score is needed to get into Duke?


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No single SAT score is "needed," although one might want to consider that the middle range of SAT scores for Duke in Critical Reading is 690-770, and the middle range for Math is 690-780. Generally, being within that middle range of SAT scores is a good bet. However, it's important to keep in mind that SAT scores are not the only thing that a college looks for in an applicant. Having perfect scores won't guarantee one admission, nor will having less than perfect scores keep one from being accepted.


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The average SAT score for Duke students is between 2000 and 2300

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SAT Critical Reading: 660SAT Math: 690SAT Writing: 670

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It really depends on what course you want to study. Im currently studying for a bachelors in being awesome and I only needed a SAT of 50 to gain entrance

Applicants must have a minimum of SAT score (critical reading and math) of 1030 or at least a composite ACT score of 22.

The minimum SAT score needed to be accepted at Stanford is 2070. This is the combination of all 3 scores.

29-34 composite, 29-32 Math, 28-31 English Average SAT math score:680 - 780Average SAT writing score:680 - 770Average ACT score:30 - 34

The average SAT score needed to get into the USCG Academy is recommended at 1100, avg. 1275 (Critical Reading and Math).

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Answer:Duke does not quote an average GPA because it has several grading rubrics from students applying from all states. However, it would be good to keep your average score above Average SAT math score:680 - 780Average SAT writing score:680 - 770Average ACT score:30 - 34

SAT Critical Reading: 700 / 790SAT Math: 710 / 800SAT Writing: 710 / 800

The average SAT score for current freshmen is 1300-1400 with a GPA of 3.63.

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