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What SAT scores are needed to get into Messiah College in Grantham PA?

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According to the schools website.

Messiah College looks for SAT scores above 1000 (ACT 21) and a high school GPA of "B" average or better in the college preparatory curriculum. They also look for upward trends in the students performance from Freshman year through Senior year.

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What is the ACT scores for Columbia College?

ACT scores are not needed to be accepted

To get into college is another act exam needed if already taken?

No, you just have to request that your scores be sent to the school you are applying for.

What are the SAT scores needed to get accepted to Hunter College?

Hunter College is a public university located in Manhattan, New York. As of 2014 the SAT scores required for admission are math 540/640 and critical reading 520/620.

Do I have to enter SAT scores when applying?

You don't have to enter SAT scores on a collegeapplication, but for almost every college, you DO need to have college board send them your scores directly.

Where can someone go to view college admission scores?

You can go to that college website to view college admission scores. For example you could go to the official website of Yale, to view the Yale college admission scores.

What scores are needed to pass ACT SAT for multimedia artist?

The scores a student needs on the SAT or ACT depends on where he or she wants to attend college. Some colleges and universities are test optional and do not require admission test scores. Some schools will admit students with below average scores, but other schools have very high standards and only admit students with top scores.

What college can you get into with a 4.5 GPA?

with good test scores and extracurriculars, you can get into pretty much any college that you want.with good test scores and extracurriculars, you can get into pretty much any college that you want.

Are sats needed?

If you want to get into college, most of them require either the SATs or the ACTs But some community colleges and nowaways even some colleges are making scores optional like Mount Holyoke. It would be safer to take it rather than finding out later your college wants scores and don't have time to take it.

What are the GRE scores required to get into Boston College?

There is no minimum GRE scores required to get into Boston College. Each application is reviewed in full and all parts are considered.

How long does it take colleges to receive SAT scores?

SAT scores typically become available online to students about 19 days after they take the SAT. At the time scores become available online, students can ask the College Board to mail the scores to a college, either on a rush or regular basis. There is an extra charge of about $27 for sending the scores on a rush basis. According to the website of the College Board, it takes the College Board about 5 weeks to mail an SAT score to a college if regular delivery is requested. If rush delivery is requested, the scores are mailed in two days. After the scores are mailed, it could take another five days or so for the colleges to receive them.

If your rank is 47000 then which college is better?

To get the best college that is best for a student, the scores in the individual subjects are equally important. The individual scores will determine which course will be ideal for the student.

What colleges accept advanced placement scores instead of sat?

No colleges accept AP scores instead of SAT scores. This is because the tests do not measure the same things.The SAT measures the likelihood that a student will do well in college, but is not accepted as college credit. The AP is used to provide actual college credit, but does not predict college success.

What ACT scores are needed to get into an Ivy League college?

All I know is that you should hav at least a 1300 SAT score, so that might give you an idea of a ACT score.

How can you find out what your sat score is from 1983?

You may not be able to. When I went back for grad work I needed scores and some wonderful person in the deep recesses of the college went down to the files and found the test scores I needed, but they couldn't read the score. Are you sure you need your SAT? Were they sent to a college? If so maybe there is a person there like the one I had and will dig it up for you. When they ask you what was passing pick the highest score on the paper. That's what I did.

What are the minimum ACT scores for Morehouse College?

The minimum ACT score for Morehouse college is a 22.

What is the best college you can get into with a 2.6?

It depends on your SAT scores, but it may be easier to start with community college.

Are college basketball scores in quarters or halves?

College Basketball games are played in two halves.

What is the college board for?

The college board is there to help keep track of standardized test scores and to review applications to colleges across the USA. It also helps to help SAT and ACT scores.

What SAT score is needed to get into Duke?

No single SAT score is "needed," although one might want to consider that the middle range of SAT scores for Duke in Critical Reading is 690-770, and the middle range for Math is 690-780. Generally, being within that middle range of SAT scores is a good bet. However, it's important to keep in mind that SAT scores are not the only thing that a college looks for in an applicant. Having perfect scores won't guarantee one admission, nor will having less than perfect scores keep one from being accepted.

How do you get to college?

You get to college by performing well in high school. You have to meet the entrants requirements for GPA and SAT scores.

Where can I find current college football scores?

It is surprising to know that the best up-to-the-minute college football scores, polls, and rankings for all teams.can be currently be found on the website of USA Today.

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