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Narcissists actually self-loathe themselves. The old quote, "You always hurt the ones you love" is true in this case. Narcissists can be either very controlled and crafty or some are out of control like a runaway locomotive. By confronting the narcissist about the problems they have they become angry because in their heart of hearts they know the person directing the confrontation is right and Narcissists love that control! I understand that N's have a "true self" and a "false self". When they behave cruelly and are mean and cold-eyed, is this the false self in a bad state or the true self screaming for help or perhaps a third self of some kind? They surely must loathe themselves for all the pain and suffering they cause. It's unnecessary and gratuitous, and it makes one wonder if they know what "self" they are even in when they do it. Seems to me they are in a crumbling state of some kind when they do it. They push away the very people who might help them.

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Why would a narcissist want only sex from you after a breakup?

Because he is not done using you yet. Testing you.

Use the word narcissistic in a sentence?

A narcissist is a very dangerous, conning, using, and degrading person.

How do you change narcissist into a loving person?

You cannot change a narcissist. That's like saying how do you change a snake into a bear. They use other people who are taken in by their performance. Get away while you can still run. If you think you can change a narcissist then you are setting yourself up as the perfect prey. While you are trying to change the unchangeable he will be using you up.

How does narcissist pick a mate?

He/she picks a partner based on how much narcissist supply that person has to give. It may come in the form of sex, the attention of being with an attractive person (if you're hot), or using that person for something they have like a beach house and the narcissist will be able to go there for free with the mate. A narcissist might choose a mate that is known in the community as successful. Being associated with someone even slightly famous is narcissist supply for them. So if you've got something to give and the narcissist knows it--be it money, sex, adulation, good looks, a beach house, a Paris apartment, celebrity--they'll be all over you.

How do you help a narcissist?

The question is help them how? Refer them to counseling, but they don't want to be fixed, though you may want to fix them to be a 'normal' person so you can keep a relationship with them. If you are a lay person and in a relationship with a narcissist, you cannot help them. Just by the nature of your relationship and the pathology of a narcissist, things will get ugly, it will be at your expense and there will be no change in the narcissist. A good therapist will be the one to help a narcissist, but it takes a great deal of work on the part of the narcissist, a commitment to healing, only they don't see themselves as 'broken' or anything wrong with them, so an honest introspective communication with a therapist is rare. It's so hard to understand. Leaving them is best for you though and isn't that sad that that is also the way to help a narcissist, because they are sucking your goodness from you and using it to buoy themselves. So sad.

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Yes they do by experience,but i am sure a cerebral narcissist knows the term gaslighting and knows he is using it. What is 'gaslighting' in that context? New Answer-Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse that is used by narcissists that is very subtle and difficult to pinpoint.It works by creating confusion. If you are being gaslighted you lose trust in your senses,identity and common environment. The narcissist will tell you what you are feeling and thinking, when the narcissist creates some incident will be your fault, a merely perception based on your so called unstable emotions.

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