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What Skills needed by computer science students?


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October 27, 2009 10:47AM


Programming. Note, I mean no particular programming LANGUAGE- To understand programming is to move beyond the constraints of the syntax of any one or two languages and to understand the logic behind how you implement solutions to computing problems.

Reading comprehension. Much of the code you'll ever want to write has already been written by much more capable hands and fine-tuned for the best possible result. Much of your time, therefore, will be spent reading library documentation and learning how to use library functions.

Patience. There will be bugs. Many. Hundreds of thousands throughout your career. Once you write and compile the code, you must make it work properly, account for every situation and possible user input in an elegant manner while not segfaulting from something stupid on your end.

Those are probably the most important "skills" you could ever have. Good skill with prose for comments and documentation is much appreciated, however.

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