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Jack Russell's are popular to use in commercials, and have appeared in a wide variety including Disney, Visa, dishwasher soap commercials, and more.

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What is a Jack Russell terriers habitat?

a jack russell terriers habitat is if it is a pet a house

What country are Jack Russell Terriers from?

Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred in England.

Where can you find pictures of Jack Russell terriers?

Google Images or YouTube JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS or PARSON RUSSELL TERRIERS these are two names for this gorgeous animal

Are Jack Russell terriers hard to handle?

Jack Russell terriers are the most likely to become a pickle

Are the breeds of Jack Russell Terriers and Parson Russell Terriers different from each other?

They are the same breed. They just changed the name from jack Russell to parson Russell.

Where are Jack Russell terriers from?


Where did Jack Russell terriers originate?

Jack Russel Terriers Came To Be After John Russel's Death

Where do Jack Russell terriors originate from?

Jack Russell Terriers Originate from Great Britain

What colors do Jack Russell Terriers come in?

A Jack Russell Terriers colors are,white with tan, brown,or black markings.brindle markings are unacceptable.

Where do Jack Russell terriers originate from?


What class is a Jack Russell dog?

They are Terriers.

Do Jack Russell terriers grow big?


What breed of terrier is best suited for companionship with Jack Russell terriers?

Another Jack Russell

Can you get Jack Russell Terriers on Nintendogs?

no body knows how to

Are people allergic to Jack Russell terriers?


Can Jack Russell terriers die from a strangle?


Are there Jack Russell terriers that are brown only?


What are Jack Russell Terriers used for?

hunting foxes

Are Jack Russell terriers the smallest and cutest dog?

Jack Russell Terriers are cute, but in my personal opinion Caviler King Charels Spaniels are the cutest small dogs

What are good names for Jack Russell terriers?

Good names for male Jack Russell Terriers: Jack Jacky Freddy Scooter Buddy Buster Rusty Sparky Eric Pat Owen Max Good names for female Jack Russell Terriers: Jill Kristie Maddie Molly Polly Patches Allie

How much do Jack Russell terriers weigh?

A Jack Russell Terrier is supposed to weigh 14-18 pounds=)

How much do you feed a miniature Jack Russell per day?

No such thing as a Minaiture Jack russell, they are either Parson russell which is longer in the leg so a little taller or the smaller jack russell which was bred from the Parsons by mixing with other terriers eg: Fox terriers to acheive a shorter dog now known as the Jack Russell

Can Jack Russell terriers kill people?

It's plausable!

What are Jack Russell terriers known for?

Their hunting instinct and their energy.

Do Jack Russell terriers have any ear problems?

no they shouldnt have

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