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just one level 100.

Not necessarily. If you have the three regis at lv 50 they are the best battle frontier lv 50 team and at lv 100 they make the best lv 100 team as pyramid king Brandon has these Pokemon and he is the strongest frontier leader.

I agree but what i'd like too find, and am searching for is the best team to counteract all pokemon including brandon's regies that are non legendary too put up more of a challange pokemon ive found too be extremely useful were walrein, hitmonchan and metagross. The reason why i chose hitmonchan is obvious his high attack power, and variety of attack moves such as fire punch (etc.). Walrein because he's quite balanced in his attacks say you wana use a moves that reduces spa than he can just transfer too att. and it will go fine. Finaly metagross for his defensive power with iron defense and high att. p.s. if your planning on using a dragon type, and its salamence, catch a few of bagon go to the move tutor's house and check if one of them knows fire fang or thunder fang its a great move to have since salamence is a att. pokemon.

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Q: What Team is the best for the battle frontier?
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What Pokemon emerald battle frontier team is the best without Pokemon you have to trade to evolve?

there isn't really a best team i find a team with well balanced types i know the best team to use on the Pokemon league is just a blazeiken and a salamence so that might work on the battle frontier aswel and with that a good water Pokemon and that should work

What is the best team to take to the battle frontier in platinum?

empoleon,luxray,starraptor,rappidash,haunter and dusclops.

What is the best battle frontier Pokemon team in Pokemon emerald?

I'd say machamp latios metagross

Which are the best Pokemon to beat the battle frontier?

If it was me, I would use garchomp, floatzel and electabuzz. The best possible team is garchomp, a starter and metagross

Are the voices of Meowth Jessy and James in Pokemon Battle Frontier different then they are in other versions?


What do you do at the battle frontier on Pokemon platinum?

you battle in different ways and once you battle one of the five places so many consecutive times you face a frontier brain who are the best at what they do.

Arceus battle frontier?

Arceus is not on battle frontier!

What are all the new placess in Pokemon platinum?

the new team galitic base and the battle frontier

How do you get the badges on battle frontier?

you have to beat the battle frontier brain

Is their a frontier game?

as in battle frontier

Does the Pokemon Sapphire have a battle frontier?

No, Pokemon Sapphire Version does not have a Battle Frontier. However, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum do have the Battle Frontier.

Are Swampert Zapdos and Charizard good for the Battle Frontier?

Only if they are above level 60 ---- Swampert is excellent at the Battle Frontier. Depending on which game you are playing on, the other two team members can vary. I'm using a Swampert, Skarmory and Latios - This team can defeat all the Brains in Platinum.