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3sfe 5sfe 3sgte

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Q: What Toyota FWD Transmission models fit the Toyota 2C-T diesel engine?
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Do Toyota corolla cars in 1990's have diesel engines?

Yes, you can change the engine of a Toyota used car from diesel to petrol or LPG Gas. Some D2 engines are used in late models already have diesel engines.

What is the Type of engine the HUMVEE has?

Pre-ECV military models used the 6.2 liter naturally aspirated Detroit Diesel V8 diesel engine. ECV models used the turbocharged 6.5 liter Detroit Diesel V8 diesel engine. Civilian models of the H1 also offered the 6.5 and 6.6 Duramax diesels.

Will a transmission from a 1993 Toyota pickup fit in a 1994 pickup?

A transmission from a 1993 Toyota pickup will fit into a 1994 Toyota pickup. The Toyota transmission will not fit in to other makes and models of pickups.

1987 Toyota corolla?

The 1987 Toyota Corolla came in two door and four door models, a multitude of colors and a 4 speed manual transmission and a 4 cylinder engine.

Does a Smart car have a diesel engine?

Most have gas engines, but there is a diesel engine option for models sold outside of North America.

What models of Chevrolet autos are diesel?

Chevy Cruz is a diesel engine, some other models that Chevy offers with Deisel engines are the Impala, the Sierra, the Cheyenne, and the Chevy Silverado.

What size motor is a ford 7 3 liter diesel engine?

Its medium =================================================================================== The 7.3L diesel V8 engine used in some Ford models is ( 444 cubic inches )

What a 205 diesel?

A small french car manufactured by Peugeot with a diesel engine, 205 is the model number. There are 5 diesel models in the series; from a normally aspirated 1769cc engine through to the 3 door 1905cc Turbo

What is the horsepower of the Chevrolet camaro SS 2010?

The automatic transmission models have a 6.2L L99 V8 engine that puts out 400 HP and the manual transmission models have a 6.2L LS3 V8 engine that puts out 426 HP.

Few Diesel Hybrid Vehicle Models are Available?

Few diesel hybrids are currently available, although Volkwagen plans on introducing two models in 2013. Manufacturers currently producing hybrid diesel vehicles include the new Volvo V60 that features a five-cylinder, 2.4-liter diesel engine. Peugot's 3008 Crossover is powered by a 2.0-liter 163 bhp diesel engine. Mercedes-Benz has the E series Blue TEC hybrid with a 150 KW diesel engine. and 15KW electric motor.

What would cause a diesel engine to bog down during acceleration?


What is the engine model for the Triton MJ?

It depends on what engine. I have one with a 4 cyl petrol engine which is the 4g54 engine, it was also made with a v6 and a diesel as well. I am not sure what models they are.