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What Type Of Food Was Rationed In World War 2?


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A LOT. Butter, eggs, vegetables, bananas, most things.

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In Britain bread not rationed in World War 2, but was rationed in 1946.

They often grew their own food like veg to eat

During World War I, food was rationed to prevent food shortages and hoarding of food. Foods that were rationed were sugar, meat, butter, cheese and margarine. Ration cards were issued and people had to register with their butcher and grocer to purchase these foods.

Many of the countries who fought in ww2 were rationed. Food and gasoline were two main items that were rationed in ww2.

All the food has been rationed.Nylon was rationed in World War 2 because it was needed to make parachutes with.

Food was rationed because the Germans bombed are supply boats so we didn't have enough food. To share the food equally food was rationed. Not all food were but foreign food. Clothes were also rationed.

Coal was rationed in world war 2

Yes, nearly all food items were rationed. Potatoes were no exception.

You would get a certain amount of food and clothes per week or couple of weeks in world war 2 if you were rationed.

yes fruit was rationed in world war 2!

Why do we need to get Rationed? Is there anything serious?

there was food clothing/cloth and tires and gas Rationed in WWII.

No, water was not a rationed food. however, things like potatoes, sugar, and meat were rationed. The government established special days such as meatless mondays and wheatless wednesdays.

It went on a war economy, with food and clothing rationed.


Everything was rationed in World War II according to a relative of mine who lived through it. Because all the men had to go to war there was a shortage of everything, plus food supplies couldn't get into the ports by sea.

one of them is hard tact

milk butter chips tea and suger

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