Stuffed Animals (toys)

What US President had a Stuffed Animal?

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Where was the first stuffed animal built?

1655 the first stuffed animal was stuffed

A stuffed animal was named after what president?

The every popular teddy bear was named for Theodore Roosevelt.

What was the first stuffed animal?

Added: I don't know what the first stuffed animal is but I'm writing what I think it is! The first stuffed animal is the Teddy Bear!!!

When was the first stuffed animal made?

The idea for stuffed animals was in Germany in 1880. They finally made the stuffed animal in 1903.

What toy begins with the letter O?

octopus stuffed animal octopus stuffed animal

What is the 2012 macys annual Christmas stuffed animal?

Stuffed animal brother bear

Is there a golden egg stuffed animal in Angry Birds?

There is not a golden egg stuffed animal.

Where can you find a Togepi stuffed animal?

Ebay, toy r us, japan.. you get the idea

Can a stuffed animal absorb liquids?

Yes, a stuffed animal toy is basicly a shaped pillow.

What stuffed animal should you bring for stuffed animal day?

Maybe...... Winnie the Pooh bear

What part of speech is stuffed in stuffed animal?

In this case, the word stuffed is used as an adjective.

What is it called when an animal is stuffed?

If you REALLY think hard, you can come to the conclusion that stuffing and animal is called a "stuffed animal". no reason to be rude

Can you turn a stuffed animal into a living breathing animal?

If the stuffed animal wants to be real, and you love it with all your heart, then yes, it can be real.

What is Taylor Swift's stuffed animal?

I THINK Taylor Swift's stuffed animal is a cat. BUT I DON'T KNOW!

Can you ride a stuffed animal in a chair?

no of course not, unless its a swivel chair and you get someone to push it after you get on the stuffed animal

Where can you buy perry the platypus stuffed animal in stores?

You can buy it at Target, or sometimes CVS in the stuffed animal section.

What is Victoria Justice favorite stuffed animal?

Her fav stuffed animal is a purple teddy bear she got when she was 3

Can your bunny have babies if she mated a stuffed animal?

no the stuffed animal has no sperm or .......... so it cant. pretty funny though

What name did theodor geisel give his favorite stuffed animal?

the name of theodore geisel's stuffed animal was theophrastus

Which is better a webkinz or a regular stuffed animal?

Webkinz defiantly You get a regular stuffed animal + an option of an online account. Webkinz can be used as a regular stuffed animal. It's like 2 in 1! Webkinz' great!

How do you get nail polish off of a stuffed animal?

Try nail polish remover or putting the stuffed animal in a washing machine.

What pillow pets are?

A pillow pet is a cute stuffed animal that you can unfold and fold, and when it is unfolded it is a pillow, and when it is folded, it is a stuffed animal.

Should you hump your stuffed animal whenever you want?

only if the stuffed animal is yours lol... but prob not when others are looking

How many people are in the stuffed animal show audience?

The capacity seating of The Stuffed Animal Show audience is 50 (2012)

How do you say stuffed animal in spanish?

animal de peluche