Stuffed Animals (toys)

Stuffed animals are made from fabric and sewn into the shape of various animals. They are filled with stuffing, and are usually intended to be cuddly. They are commonly used to help young children feel more secure.

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Stuffed Animals (toys)

Where can you find Madagascar stuffed animals?

Any Ty retailer, they did a brilliant range last year/early this year of Ty Beanie Babies in Madagascar 2 range. Visit website at

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Where do you buy an axolotl stuffed animal?

nowhere iknow of sells hem, you'll have to make one, there are patterns on the internet

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Where can you find a gerbil stuffed animal?

Look on ebay. If not there, browse the web.

Angry Birds
Stuffed Animals (toys)

What stores sell Angry Birds plush dolls?

Angry Birds plush toys can be found at various stores both online and retail. A few of these include Toys"R"Us, Target, Kmart, Walmart,,, and of course the Angry Birds official online store.

Stuffed Animals (toys)

How can you make your stuffed animals come alive in less than thirty minutes?


Stuffed Animals (toys)

What stuffed animals have virtual worlds?

There are webkinz, and e-pets. Those are the only two virtual pets I know of. You can get them both at walmart.

Stuffed Animals (toys)

How can you tell which stuffed animals contain flame retardant stuffing?

They usually have some sort of labelling. Alternatively, you could attempt to set them alight.

Stuffed Animals (toys)

What are the stuffed animals that pop out of the tubes when you play the game?

wack a mole

Stuffed Animals (toys)

How much does a stuffed animal cost?

From a few dollars, to several thousand dollars, as seen here...

Stuffed Animals (toys)

How do you get gum off a stuffed animal?

I tried a knife but it doesn’t get all of it off I am going to try soaking it in something (my dad’s suggestion)

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Where are the Angry Birds stuffed animals going to be sold when they come out?

It's kind of obvious, the places they are going to be sold are the apple store, maybe target, walmart, any place that sells toys.

Stuffed Animals (toys)

What should you name your stuffed animal giraffe?


Stuffed Animals (toys)

How do you clean stuffed animals or plush toys?

i usually spray shout on them and scrub with a toothbrush and a little water

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Is there such thing as bango ru where kids create stuffed animals?

I think the closest thing to that would be a build-a-bear.

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Why does your stuffed animal smell bad when you sleep with it?

Your Teddy Bear can smell for several reasons.

  • The stuffing could be of a type that reacts to either the moisture you give off
  • or it could be reacting the the warmth as you hold it
  • it could also be picking up the smells around it, things like pets, cigarette's, sweat and other body smells
Stuffed Animals (toys)

How much does a stuffed animal weigh?

It depends on the size, and the materials used.
It depends on what animal it is, maybe you could try to weigh it at home. Hope I helped!!!!!!!!

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Where can you find Angry Birds stuffed animals?, hot topic, claire's, all the places like that

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Is it bad to give your boyfriend a stuffed animal?

I don't think so. I think it's thoughtful!

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Stuffed Animals (toys)

What is Curious George's favorite food?

probably bananas

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Were can you buy Kung Fu panda toys?

You should go to one of the As seen on TV stores thats where I would go.

Stuffed Animals (toys)
Full House (TV Series)

In Full House what is Stephanie's favorite stuffed animal?


Stuffed Animals (toys)

Is giving your boyfriend a stuffed animal natural?

yea why not...

Stuffed Animals (toys)

What is the most popular kind of stuffed animals?

Webkinz are very popular but Beanie Babies are as well.

Stuffed Animals (toys)

How do you hump a stuffed animal?

First put the stuffed animal on the floor then start going in circles or up and down (girls olny this will not work for boys)girls open up ur private and do wat is befor this part and you get that good feeling

Stuffed Animals (toys)

Why do adults carry around stuffed animals?

Because they can be up to 3 & up & stuffed animals will miss them


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