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What US dimes are silver?

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Dimes minted in 1964 and earlier are silver. Dimes dated 1965 and later are made of copper and nickel.

Some proof dimes are still made of silver. These are only available in "Prestige" proof sets; dimes, quarters, and halves in regular proof sets are made of copper-nickel like circulating versions. For example, in 1994 785,329 were struck on 90% silver planchets and 2,484,594 were struck using the same copper-nickel as the business strikes. In 1999 the US Mint began the "Silver Proof Set" series. These sets are similar to the "Prestige" proof sets, the difference being there are no commemorative coins in the "Silver Proof Set". Some of these sets are highly sought after by collectors and investors and command impressive values.

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What year are silver dimes?

Silver dimes were last minted in 1964 in the US.

Do US quarters and dimes have no silver content?

All pre-1965 US quarters and dimes are 90% silver.

How much pure silver in dimes?

1964 and older US dimes contain 90% silver.

When did the US start putting silver in dimes?

US dimes were made of silver starting with the very first dimes back in 1796, and continued as such through 1964.

What years did U.S. dimes contain silver?

US dimes were struck in silver from 1796 to 1964.

What year did us dimes stop being made of silver?

The last year for silver U.S. dimes was 1964.

Last year of silver dimes?

1964 was the last year US dimes struck for general circulation were 90% silver.

How much is a 1973 silver dime worth?

Sorry, no US dimes dated 1973 were struck in silver the last year for silver dimes was 1964.

What year were American silver dimes made?

US dimes were first minted in Philadephia in 1796.

What US Dimes are worth more?

All US dimes made before 1965 are silver and are worth at least $1.25.

Do the present Us dimes and quarters contains silver?

No, other than silver dimes/quarters created for special collector sets, current dimes and quarters contain no silver and only contain copper and nickel.

Is us 1976 dime silver?

No, no US dimes dated 1976 contain any silver at all.

Are all 1963 dimes silver?

All US dimes dated 1964 and earlier were struck in an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper

What is the valueof 1964 and before silver dimes?

US dimes minted before 1965 are currently worth at least $2 for their silver content.

When did they stop using silver dimes?

1964 was the last year for US silver dimes. The reason was because the value of the silver in a dime began to exceed ten cents.

Were dimes made of silver?

US dimes were 90% silver through 1964. In 1965, the US shifted to clad coinage (75% copper, 25% nickel) for circulating coinage.

Is 1965 us dime silver?

No. The last year for silver dimes in the U.S. was 1964.

What us dimes dated 1940 to 2009 are collectible?

To a collector all dates are collectable. If you are interested in just the silver coins they were made until 1964 with 1964 being the last year for silver US dimes released for circulation. Silver dimes do appear in special silver proof sets issued for collectors.

How much do dimes weigh?

US silver dimes weigh 2.5 grams, dimes dated 1965 to date weigh 2.27 grams.

What is the silver weight of a silver dime?

The ASW (Actual Silver Weight) of all 90% US silver dimes is .07234oz

When were US dimes made of silver?

From 1796 to 1964, all US dimes were struck in an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper. Starting in 1965 all circulating dimes have been made of copper-nickel. Since 1992, special "prestige proof" dimes have been made in 90% silver but these are only for sale to collectors and investors.

What metal were US dimes made of between 1936 and 1945?

US dimes are made from 90% silver 10% copper in those years.

What is the value of a 1939 pure silver dime?

The US mint never made pure silver dimes. See the related link below for more information on the value of 1939 US dimes.

What years were US dimes made of silver?

1964 was the last year that US dimes were struck in 90% silver. Since then they have been made of a copper core bonded with cupronickel on each side.

Did us mint make 1952 silver dimes?

Yes. All 3 mints struck dimes in 1952