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What US president said trees create pollution?

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What is air pollution called in Hindi?

Air pollution can be said as VAAYU PRADUSHAN. Here vaayu is air and pradushan is pollution.

Who said i am the president?

How to said arleen is the president in france

What kind of pollution is on Mount Fuji?

the pollution on Mount Fuji is said to be 2 kinds of pollution which are 1.Air pollution and 2.ancient pollution which is was on the mountain since the ancient times

How much of th worlds pollution comes from volcanoes?

1/8 of the world pollution. It is said that volcanoes do not create pollution. The only damage that volcanos cause is death. Becuase god sees how much heat and lava is coming out and sais YES this was my original world so he lets every1 DIE.

How do trees affect wind?

The trees block wind nuff said

Pokemon emerald What is that vine that itt said you must find a way drop?

use secret power on certain trees, bushes, caves etc. it will create a secret base

Do all trees give you oxygen?

Yes it is to be said that all trees give out oxygen.

How does water pollution damage the earth?

You just said it. It pollutes the water.

Who is the baddest president?

It is said to have been President Nixon.

What did Washington do after being president?

They said that he was a farmer after he was president. :) :)

What were the impacts of expansion on the us?

well the president George bush apprently said to kill the people in the United States or to cut down the trees however this will increase the greenhouse effect

Who said I speak for the trees in The Hobbit?

nobody said that in the hobbit. the book you're talking about is The Lorax, in which a small brown creature, the Lorax, indeed, speaks for the trees

Is fertilizer examples of land pollution?

YES, it is said that fertilizers cause land pollution,they kill the useful microorganisms and they destroy the fertility of soil

What do you mean by river pollution?

River pollution means pollution of a river i.e., when a river is being polluted (for example dumping waste in a river will affect its purity and is known as polluting it) or its purity is being affected or lost then it is said to be River Pollution.

A farmer was asked what kinds of fruit trees he had He said all but two are apple trees all but two are cherry trees all but two are peach trees How many trees did he have?

all but 6???

Who said I speak for the trees?

The Lorax from Dr. Suess

What president said it was a great ride?

it wasn't a president. it was King.

Who was the President that said Yes you can?

It was Barack Obama, the current President.

Which president said that when the president does something it is not illegal?

In an interview with David Frost in May, 1977, ex-President Richard Nixon said of executive prerogative: "Well, when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal."

Which Indian leader said poverty is root cause of pollution?

Mahatma Gandhi

Do trees attract rain?

Rainforests attract water vapor, it is said, but trees do not in general attract rain.

What is a metaphor about trees that are strong?

trees are as strong as a rock trees are as hulck hogan like as in trees are being said something like oh i used to dig that its just a metaphor

Does pollution have any effect on biodiversity?

yes, pollution can relate to a certain organism killing all of that type of organism, if breeding does not occur immediately and this happens again biodiversity will begin to tarnish, but pollution has more of an effect on an ecosystem if said ecosystem doesn't have a good sense of biodiversity. If an environment isn't varied one disease or type of pollution can wipe out the entire population. This has happened before when a type of aphid attacking only hemlock trees appeared. The entire hemlock population was almost wiped out

Which president said all men are created equal?

The President that first said all men are created equal was Thomas Jefferson. He was the third president of the United States.

Which president said ''second continental congress that the 13 colonies no longer owed loyalty to the british king'''?

No president said this because when it was said there wasn't a United States, a constitution and no president. It was before all of that happened.