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The south & Midwest

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Where is the lowest risk of tornadoes?

The lowest risk of tornadoes is in regions that either very cold or very dry. Tornadoes are very rare in deserts, polar, and subpolar regions.

Which part of the us is at the highest risk for tornadoes?

The highest risk for tornadoes is on the Great Plains, particularly in an area covering parts of Kansas and Oklahoma. That part of the U.S. has the highest incidence of strong and violent (EF2 to EF5) tornadoes.

Are the tornadoes in Florida dangerous than any other states?

All tornadoes are dangerous. However, the tornadoes in Florida tend to be weaker than those in other regions such as Tornado Alley Because of this they pose somewhat less of a risk.

What two regions in the US are tornadoes likely to occur?

tornado alley, okalahoma etc in that area

Tornadoes occur in what regions?

Tornadoes may occur almost anywhere but they are common in an area called tornado alley in the Central US. (middle-latitude)

Which states are at high risk for tornadoes?

States at the highest risk for tornadoes include Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. Florida sees a number of tornadoes comparable to these states, but the risk is less because the tornadoes aren't as strong.

Do tornadoes occur in Valley Regions?

Although Valleys themselves do not cause tornadoes, tornadoes can and do strike in valleys.

Are there tornadoes and hurricanes in the temperate zone of earth?

Hurricanes form in tropical regions but can move in to temperate regions. Tornadoes are very common in temperate regions, most notably the central United States.

During what months do most tornadoes strike in the US?

Tornadoes can occur at anytime in the US but in different regions tornadoes tend to occur more so doing certain seasons. In the South tornadoes occur mainly during late winter and early spring whereas in the Midwest they tend to occur mainly during the mid to late spring.

People of what regions of the US and Canada are at higher risk of having a child with TSD?

French-Canadians living near the St. Lawrence River and in the Cajun regions of Louisiana are at higher risk of having a child with TSD.

Are tornadoes tropical?

Tornadoes can form almost anywhere, but they are more common in temperate regions than tropical.

Where are tornadoes least likely to occur?

tornadoes are least likely to occur in the polar regions where its icy cold.

Where do tornadoes never occur?

Tornadoes do not occur in polar regions, such as Antarctica, or in extreme desert areas such as the Atacama.

Is there any place tornadoes don't happen?

Yes. Tornadoes do not occur in extremely cold regions such as Antarctica.

What state is high risk for tornadoes?


What was the average risk for tornadoes on Feb 20th 2014?

It is unclear what is meant by the average risk. A large portion of the Mississippi and Ohio valleys was under a 2% or greater risk for tornadoes. About half of that area was under a 5% risk.

How many tornadoes happen yearly in Boise Idaho?

In general, Idaho is at very low risk for tornadoes Boise, ID , in particular, had their largest tornado in 1956, it is considered a low risk area for tornadoes..

What areas in the US are threatened by a tornado?

Tornadoes can strike just about anywhere in the U.S. but the highest risk is on the Great Plains and in the South.

What do they call tornadoes in US?

Tornadoes in the U.S. are called tornadoes.

Do tornadoes interest the chasers?

Yes. People would not risk their lives chasing tornadoes if the were not interested.

Where in the US are tornadoes most likely to occur?

Tornadoes are more likely to occur on the central plains and in the Deep South. These regions are known as Tornado Alley, and Dixie Alley with another area of high activity in Florida.

Do Tornadoes mostly happen in Tornado Alley?

The majority of U.S. tornadoes happen in Tornado Alley. However worldwide tornadoes are found in many regions,, though a large portion of these tornadoes are not documented.

Do tornadoes occur in the northeast or northwest?

Tornadoes occur in both regions, but are more common in the central and southern parts of the country.

What biome do tornadoes most occur?

Tornadoes can occur in almost any biome, but appear to be most common in grassland regions.

Can tornadoes form around the world?

Just about. Tornadoes can occur almost anywhere apart from polar regions and extreme desert.

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