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Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin

the full name is Joseph McCarthy


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Senator Joe McCarthy was the leader of the anti Communist crusade of the 1950s in the US.

He had a list of Communist agents working for the government in high capacities.

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Senator Joseph McCarthy was the leader of the anti-Communist crusade of the 1950s in the US.

As a senator, he exploited the people's fear of communism. The Russians had the a-bomb, China went communist, the stalemate that ended the Korean war. The American people feared communism and Senator McCarthy expressed their fears for a while, until he went to far and accused almost everyone of being a communist. His paranoia got the better of him and he lost power fast.

McCarthyism. Investigations lead by Senator Joseph McCarthy lead investigations, mainly against entertainers and educators, accused of being communist sympathizers. Many movie stars, public university professors were accused of anti-American conspiracy with little or no evidence, and were blackballed from working in their industries.

McCarthyism mean making unfair accusations of disloyalty without evidence. The term is named after Senator Joseph McCarthy who in the 1950s accused thousands of Americans of being communists or communist sympathizers.

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Senator Joseph McCarthy's most important job was acting as a Senator. His self created role of hunting down communists in the US government helped no one and hurt many. McCarthy's tactics were finally censored. With that said, the public was made aware of the fact that many US citizens were members of the US Communist Party. This party was legal, however, many people viewed the Party's goals of creating a communist style government in the USA as dangerous.

In 1954, the Communist-hunting senator Joseph McCarthy, in U.S. Senate hearings that were televised live, accused the U.S. Army of "coddling Communists." As many as 20 million Americans watched the combative senator malign people who had no chance to defend themselves..

Senator Joseph McCarthy frightened Americans by claiming communists had infiltrated the United States, and were working to bring the country down. He and the House Committee on Un-American Activities subpoenaed, interrogated and posted the names of hundreds of Americans who had been accused of communist activity.

Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin was known for being VERY anti-communist. Attacks (and I don't mean physical) on suspected communist were even refered to as McCarthyism.

He accused members of the federal government of being communists. He did it to create anti-communist sentiments, and improve his approval rating. He attempted to discredit his critics and political opponents by denouncing them as communists and Soviet Union sympathizers during a time in American history when fear of communism was at an all-time high.

Senator Joseph McCarthy was famous for leading many investigations into Communist influences on the American government during the "cold war" period of the 1950's.

Because he brought attention to Communist infiltration of elements of the US government and the Congress fought against him from the beginning.

The discovery that some of the people he had accused were innocent.

It was the fear of communism which was started by Senator Joseph McCarthy. He accused 41 military officials of being communists with no proof as well as others. He was forced to resign when people found out that he had lied.

A senator is the person who works for the government they are the ones responsible for relief operations

In the 1950's Senator McCarthy was holding hearings to investigate possible members of the communist party in various American businesses and even in government positions. Robert F. Kennedy was for a time a member of McCarthy's staff.

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