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Hawaii is the US State that is farthest south.

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The state in the United States that reaches the farthest south is Hawaii. The Farthest state south in the continental United States is Florida.

Hawaii is the farest state in the united states of America

Is Kampala the farthest capital south?

Hawaii extends the farthest south.

Florida extends the farthest south of the United States.

The mainland state farthest south in Australia and north of Tasmania is Victoria.

the state i think is the farthest northwest in the us is Alaska.

the state farthest north in the southeast region is Kentucky

Hawaii is the southernmost state.

The USA state the farthest away from New Zealand is Maine.

Alaska is the westernmost state in the US.

Farthest south of the equator . . . Hawaii Farthest north of the equator, east and west of Greenwich . . . Alaska

Alaska is the US state that is the farthest north and the farthest west. However, if you are asking about the 48 contiguous US states, Washington state is the most northwestern US state.

If you are talking about the US, Hawaii is farthest south. Among the continental states, it is Florida.

Texas has the farthest South international border in the United States.

Hawaii is the state farthest west of Texas and the rest of the continental US.

Alaska is the farthest northwest in the continental US. Juneau is the capital of Alaska.