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Which state extends the farthest south?

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Hawaii extends the farthest south.

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Florida extends the farthest south of the United States.

Hawaii is the southernmost state.

Brazil is the South American country that extends the farthest east.

Brazil is the Latin American country that extends farthest south.

Hawaii is the southernmost state. Of the continental states, Florida is the southernmost state.

South America extends further south than Africa.

Brazil is the South American country that extends the farthest east.

The mountain chain that extends the farthest south in the Andes. The Andes mountains cover about 4300 miles, these mountains extend to the bottom of South America.

If you mean the northernmost state then it is Alaska.

Hawaii is the US State that is farthest south.

The North American country that extends farthest East is Canada. The state of Maine in the United States is the most eastern state.

The state in the United States that reaches the farthest south is Hawaii. The Farthest state south in the continental United States is Florida.

a) Utah b) New Mexico c) Nebraksa Out of these choices, New Mexico extends furthest south.

Is Kampala the farthest capital south?

Maine. Nope, it's Alaska.

The mainland state farthest south in Australia and north of Tasmania is Victoria.

the state farthest north in the southeast region is Kentucky

In the contiguous 48 states, Minnesota extends slightly farther north than other western states (Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota).The farthest south is Florida, where the Keys extend below 25°N latitude, the approximate southern limit of Texas.

Texas has the farthest South international border in the United States.

The US State of Virginia extends further west than either West Virginia or New York.