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Q: What WWE wrestler was born in Finland?
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Who was the fist WWE wrestler?

who was the fist wwe wrestler

What WWE wrestler was born in February 4?

john morrison

How tall is WWE wrestler edge?

WWE Wrestler Edge is 6.6

Where is Kane the wrestler?

Glenn Jacobs, the man who plays Kane in the WWE, is an Amercian Wrestler who was born in Madrid, Spain

Where was Maria wrestler from WWE born?

She was born February 25 1982 in Ottawa Illinios.

Which year was WWE wrestler The Undertaker born in?

The Undertaker born in March 24, 1965

Who was the female wrestler Tori in WWE?

The female wrestler Tori in WWE was born Terri Poch in Portland, Oregon on August 20th 1967. She worked with the WWE from 1998 to 2001. She no longer wrestles but is a bodybuilder now.

Who is the Yougest WWE wrestler?

At 16 Jeff Hardy was the youngest wrestler ever in the wwe

Is there a wwe wrestler name john hunter?

No. There is no WWE Wrestler by the name of John Hunter.

What WWE wrestler lives inCT?

I know Triple H is born in CT

Where is WWE wrestler Edge now?

In wwe.

Who is the wrestler for WWE it begins?

A big time wrestler