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What Western was made in or abut year 2000?

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All the pretty horses.

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Where is vax made?

according to the box my 10 or so year old Vax 2000 came in, Australia. More specifically, Malaga Western Australia

When was Rugrats in Paris made?

It was made in the year 2000

What countries have bid for the World Cup?

For which year are you asking abut.

Is Triple H rich?

Yeah he pulls in abut 3m a year

How many kids and parents get bullied?

Abut 8,000 a year in america

What year was the teletubbies made?

Teletubbies was in production from 1996 to 2000.

When was billy Elliot made?

Billy Elliot was made in, I believe, the year 2000.

When was the Game Boy advance made?

The gameboy advance was made in the year 2000.a

What year was western auto revelation model 120 made?

the western auto model 120 was made by marlin.The marlin model 99 was made between 1959-1960.

How much money made yearly?

new years maked $200,000,000 this year 20ll made the most scince 2000 in 2000 250,000,000 was made

What year were belgium browning 2000 made?

The browning model B-2000 was made from 1974-1983.These shotguns were made in belguim and assembled in portugal.

Who made western field model 52-sd51a 12 gauge?

ward s western field 52-sb51a what year made AND WHO MAE IT

How can you find out when a Western Flyer Bicycle called the GOLD RUSH SPECIAL was made and how many?

what year this western flyer was made 55x10-416007 This answer makes NO sense

What is a Canadian quarter made of?

Prior to the year 2000 Canadian quarters were made of nickel.Since 2000 quarters have been made of nickel plated steel.

How old is a Browning BAR 311MM22908?

It was made in the year 2000

What year was the revelation model 200 made for western auto gun?

Impossible to answer without access to Western Auto records.

What year was the movie In Too Deep made?

The move was made in 1999, released in 2000.

Highest paid basketball player in 2000?

Michael jordan. He made about 5.2 million in the year 2000.

When was the last year the mercury mystique was made?

The last model year of the Mercury Mystique was ( 2000 )

What year was because of Winn Dixie made?

The movie was made in 2005 and the book was published in 2000

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