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Q: What William the Conqueror castles are still around today?
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What sorts of castles did William the Conqueror build when he first conquered England?

When William the Conqueror first invaded England he built Motte and Bailey castles made out of wood. He built Motte and Bailey castles because they were cheap and light. Being light made it easier to build and it being cheap was good for obvious reasons. There were also many other advantages to Motte and Bailey castles but those were the main ones. After a few years he knocked down many of the Motte and Bailey castles and built stone castles instead. Although the stone castles were more expensive and heavier, but better for these reasons: * They were stronger * They wouldn't rot * They're not flammable The Motte and Bailey castles that didn't get knocked down eventually rotted after a few years. The stone castles however, are still intact.

Do medieval castles still exist?

Medival castles do still exist in various places around the world. They are not being constructed in this age, but remain as historical landmarks. There are quite a few types of castles around the world including: Motte and bailey castles, Stone castles, square keep castles etc...

Why did William I build castles?

William the I built them to protect his army, he built 500 castles made of wood, and when he had total control of England and the opposition was destroyed, he replaced these wooden castles with stronger, more stable stone castles. William the Conqueror built castles to protect him and his men from attack by the Anglo-Saxons he had beaten in battle of Hastings. During the first few years he spent over ruling the English he ordered 500 castles to be built. These were of the Motte and Bailey variety which is a bailey (wooden stronghold) on top of a motte (man-made hill.) Once the country was totally under his control and all of his opposition were crushed, that's when he then he replaced the "temporary" castles with more permanent stone structures. Most of these can still be visited today. Also he needed it to show the people of England that he was in control.

What are the castles still around today called?

Square keep castles

How did William the Conquerer control Britain?

William the Conquerer controled Britain by setting up lots of Motte and Bailey castles around the Countory. Each castle was controlled by one of his trusted barons. Lots of the Motte and Bailey castles later turned into stone castles. He succeeded in controlling England as it stroke fear into Englishmen. Despite all this, there were still many rebelliens.

What did William the Conqueror do to prepare for the Battle of Hastings?

William the Conqueror had married well. Matilda of Flanders financed the building of his ship Mora. He built a fleet of ships to carry his men across the English Channel. The English army had marched to fight the Vikings. William landed in Pevensey, Sussix. He brought with him a group of carpenters to build castles for defense. The archers landed first ready to defend but there were no English soldiers because they were still busy with the Vikings. By the time the English army appeared, William was more than ready.

How many castles are still standing today?

around 200-300

Do castles represent Ireland?

Castles are important and a common feature around Ireland, with many fine castles still standing and open to the public. Ireland has many famous castles. Castles feature on various local emblems in Ireland, but not as any official emblem of Ireland.

Why was William the conquer so famous?

King William I or William the Conqueror is famous because he was the last person to conquer England by land. He set up a dynasty that is somewhat still in place after almost 1,000 years.

Why is William the Conqueror Famous?

William the Conqueror was king of England from 1066, to 1087. He actually came from France, and invaded England. He managed to rule England with just a few hundred barons. In doing so, he accomplished many things. These things deserved him the fame he has in history now. 1. Firstly, he defeated King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings. This was a very important battle, and is one of the most renowned battles ever fought. He is important in history as he is the one who was responsible of the death of the last Saxon king, and beginning of the Norman rule. 2. He built many castles around England in order to gain control. These castles are magnificent buildings, which were used as bases and fortresses. Before William's reign, there were barely any castles. William built castles that still stand today, like the Tower of London. 3. William commissioned the Domesday Book, which was an imposing book containing every single citizen of England's information, like a National Census form now. It helped him in taxation. 4. William made the Feudal System, which meant the richer you are, the more land you get. The King had the most, and then came the barons, then the knights, and then the peasants. This is a vital part of history, because in 1381 the peasants rebelled as they believed the Feudal System was wrong.

What date were motte and baliey castles around?

Motte and bailey castles were built between th 10th and 12th century. There are none that still exist today.

Which medieval castle is still standing today?

It does still depend where you live, there are thousands of castles around the world. Search Wikipedia for details.

Which Norman castles are still standing today?

lots of diferent castles are still standing now.

How did William the Conqueror divide his land between his followers?

He simply gave it to his favourites! A bit of an unfair dividing, but he still did it. Hope I helped you :) <3

When were castles built?

The period in which castles were built started around 900 AD, and lasted into the 16th century, when people like Henry VIII of England were still building some.

What are 5 of William of Normandy's castles?

William's family castle still stands in Falaise Normandy France, his English castle he had built is the White Tower within the later Tower complex in London.

What Norman castles are still standing in England?

The Normans built around 500 castles of varies types and size throughout England and Wales after the invasion of England in 1066. About 90 are still standing, many intact and still occupied and many in a state of ruin. The link below has more good information about Norman Castles.

Good points of a concentric castle?

concentric castles were the last type of castle that William of Normandy made. he made this one even though it took longer than others but when it was finished then it was one of the strongest castles around at that time. some concentric castles still survive today They were easier to shelter in and him away as they were strong and one example o a concentric castle is conway castle Wales!

How did William the Conqueror capture the castle at Dover?

Because Dover castle was and still is an important castle and a strategic battle point so key to conquering England.

What happened to the castles?

The motte and bailey castles would have rotted within a few years of them being built. The stone castles however are still existing today. These stone castles that are still here today are open to tourists and visitors.

Why do some people in England still speak french?

Because a large portion of French culture was superimposed upon English culture when England was conquered by William the Conqueror.

Why did the king william's war started?

If you are asking about William the Conqueror, there were several men who had good claims to the throne of England, William possibly had the best, but it was very complicated. In those days, people fought, rather than duscussed (as they still do in many parts of the world today).

Why are people still interested in castles?

people are still interested in castles because they want to know what its like in the old times

Why do people still have interest in castles?

they aren't really intrested in castles lara

Do people still live in castles today?

People do still live in castles today. It's really just like a normal home but even bigger. Castles are dear to buy these days.