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What a day in french?

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The word "day" in French is jour.

the french word for "Day" is "(le) jour."

13 of JULY is the french fries day. Thanks and have a nice day

French for Bastille Day is Quatorze Juillet.

French National Day is 14th July.

In French, every day is chaque jour.

Per day is 'par jour' in French.

Normandy was the French region attacked on D-Day

The French celebrate Independence Day on July 14th. This celebration is commonly known as Bastille Day and remembers the French Revolution.

Have sex. Like they do on any other day. And I'm not downing the french. Shoot I wish I was french

In French, "Soup of the day" is "soupe du jour."

par jour means by day / per day in French.

'on this day' in french is 'ce jour-là'

how do u say happy valentine day in french

On that day is "aujourd'hui" (for today) or "en ce jour" (for any day even in the past) in French.

Bastille Day is the French national holiday for the French independence movement (i.e: French Revolution).

Canada Day in french is "La fête du Canada"

have a blessing day mean passe une bonne journée in french

Shower in French is douche

Prise de la Bastille, or Bastille Day in english, is the French independence day. It is on July 14th.

there is no indication any french troops were with the Germans on d day

"Boxing Day" in French is "le lendemain de Noël," literally "the day after Christmas."

there was no french army, only FFI units (free french of the Interior)

joyeuse fête du Travail is the phrase in French. It says happy May day in french.

Bastille Day is a symbol of French national pride because it represents the day the French Revolution began. It is celebrated on July 14.

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