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Q: What a topic sentence provide a paragraph's?
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Where in the paragraph does the topic sentence usually come?

A topic sentence is always the first sentence of a paragraph. This holds true for transition paragraphs as well as standard paragraphs.

Topic paragraphs get their punch from their topic sentence which is like?

a thesis statement

What is the sentence that introduces the paragraphs main ideas is called?

The Topic Sentence

Can you give me paragraphs with two topic sentence?

about basketball

What sentence do paragraphs need guide their ideas?


What is a good topic sentence for an essay about ancient Babylon?

Topic sentences relate to paragraphs not essays, essays are made up of several paragraphs. A paragraph topic sentence depends on what the points are in the essay as I don't anything about your essay plan it would be senseless for me to suggest a topic sentence

Which part of a paragraphs does an essays topic sentence most resemble?


What is included in all description paragraphs?

The topic sentence, the body with supporting sentences, and the clincher sentence =]

What three parts do all process paragraphs have?

The topic sentence, the body with supporting sentences, and the clincher sentence

What is a sub thesis?

It is not necessarily a topic sentence. It is an introduction to an area of support + reference back to your central idea in the form of a topic sentence for each of your body paragraphs

A both begins and provides a focus for body paragraphs?

Topic sentence ROMINEE KOTARA

What is an excellent way to develop well-supported paragraphs?

A good way to create and develop strong and well developed paragraphs begins with a strong topic sentence. Follow this sentence with several sentences that reinforce or explain the premise of the topic sentence.