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What access rights does Linux provide?

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LINUX, along with other UNIX-based operating systems, provides Read/write/execute/delete controls on every file. For example, if you have read permissions for a file, you can read but not write, execute or delete it. Each permission (RWXD) also has assoiated groups, Root, Owner, group, all. If you give every file only Root acces to delete and write, and make sure that you always log in as a less privileged user, you effectively eliminate the possibility that an application that you are running will ever be able to damage your file system. LINUX and other UNIX based systems have very good security and that is the reason you see so little success from the virus geeks who attempt to attack LINUX systems. Besides, who would admit that they didn't put proper access controls on their LINUX system, and it ended up getting toasted by a virus?

2006-09-14 14:42:33
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What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Shell) is a client/server package used in Unix and Linux systems to provide secure access to a remote system.

How do you connect a Windows client to a Linux server?

There are many types of services a "Linux server" can provide. You need to be more specific as to exactly what you are trying to accomplish, be it accessing a Samba share, using SSH to access a shell on Linux, a web server, a Jabber server, etc...

Where online can one find reviews of Desktop Linux?

Access to reviews of Desktop Linux can be found at Desktop Linux Reviews and Extreme Tech online on their websites. You can also access reviews in YouTube videos and in popular online and paper magazines such as Linux Magazine.

Why is Linux important?

Today, Computer Environment Linux provide a easy & secure way to user. Linux don't support .exe file So Linux Virus free operating system. Linux is Platform independent. Linux Provide Secure think just like File Transfer, Internet Accessing ,Development and many more.. Linux takes the concept of open systems to its logical extreme. Linux Provide Better Networking Facilities with other Operating Systems.

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What is the boot options for installing Linux CD?

As there are hundreds of Linux CDs, it is impossible to provide a comprehensive overview of what, if any, boot options they may provide.

Who holds the rights to Linux?

No one, its open source.

What are the advantages of using a Linux dedicated server?

The advantages of using a Linux dedicated server are access to more scripting languages and Linux is an open-source free software (costs less to make a Linux server).

What does Pam stand for in Linux?

Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) provide dynamic authorization for applications and services in a Linux system. Linux PAM is evolved from the Unix Pluggable Authentication Modules architecture.

Does Linux allow only a single user to access the system simultaneously?

No. Linux, like Unix, is designed to be a multi-user system.

What operating system allows open access to its programming code?


How do you access DVD drive in itschool Linux?

I'm not familiar with that Linux distribution. In most distributions, you can access it if it is mounted at /media/dvd or /mnt/dvd. If it is not mounted, you may need root privileges to do so.

What command provides secure command line access to a remote Linux machine?

ssh command provide secure access to a remote machine using terminal.Use the following syntax when using ssh to connect to a remote computerssh remote_username@remote_host

How do you access a Linux partition from Windows XP?

There are programs you can download that will read Linux file systems. Common file systems are ext2 and ext3.

Can access Linux from XP through samba but cant acces XP from Linux?

Make sure that you have installed the Samba client package on your system.

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What is xhost plus in Linux?

xhost is server access control program for X. xhost + means is Access is granted to everyone

Is there a database program similar to Microsoft Access for Linux?

Yes, in the suite!

What are file permissions in Linux?

File permissions dictate who has access to a file and what they are able to do with it.

Is Linux an operating system?

Linux is a kernel. It does not provide any other features of an operating system (such as an interface or programs). Linux is roughly the equivalent of ntoskrnl.exe in Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Complete operating systems containing the Linux kernel are usually referred to as "Linux distros."

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Does Linux have a GUI?

The Linux kernel itself does not include a GUI. However, most Linux distributions have one. Yes, Linux have a GUI.Today many kind of vendor available in Linux Like Redhat fedora,Ubuntu,Suse, Mandriva and many more. Those Linux version provide Cmd and GUI mode for work.

How do you Access MS Access from C?

You do not access MS Access from C you do it from windows by using MS Access api calls. MS Access does not run on a computer running Linux, QNX or DOS etc. but they can all be programmed in C

What online courses can be taken for Linux training?

There are some Linux training you can take by asking your boss, and help you. or calling the number they provide for you in the Linux box and ask if they are helpful ways to train using that product.