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LINUX, along with other UNIX-based operating systems, provides Read/write/execute/delete controls on every file. For example, if you have read permissions for a file, you can read but not write, execute or delete it. Each permission (RWXD) also has assoiated groups, Root, Owner, group, all. If you give every file only Root acces to delete and write, and make sure that you always log in as a less privileged user, you effectively eliminate the possibility that an application that you are running will ever be able to damage your file system. LINUX and other UNIX based systems have very good security and that is the reason you see so little success from the virus geeks who attempt to attack LINUX systems. Besides, who would admit that they didn't put proper access controls on their LINUX system, and it ended up getting toasted by a virus?

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Q: What access rights does Linux provide?
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