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Interstate Commererce Act

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Q: What act prohibited railroads from giving refunds to large shippers?
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How did the government factilitate the expansion of the railroads?

One thing the government did to facilitate the expansion of the railroads was by giving land grants to railroad companies. The government also provided loans.

The interstate commerce act outlawed the railroads practice of?

giving special rates to powerful customers

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What is the Attemted Reform of the Hepburn Act?

The Hepburn Act was passed by Congress to increase the authority of the Interstate Commerce Commission over railroads and certain other types of carriers. It authorized the commission to determine and prescribe just and reasonable maximum rates, establish through routes, and prescribe and enforce uniform systems of accounts. Scholars consider the Hepburn Act the most important piece of legislation regarding railroads in the first half of the 20th century. Economists and historians debate whether it crippled the railroads, giving so much advantage to the shippers that a giant unregulated trucking industry--undreamed of in 1906--took away their business. for A+: RAILROADS~ Which of these was a direct result of the Hepburn Act? The authority of the interstate Commerce Commission was stregthened.

How did the government actively help railroads companies?

The government gave railroad companies large pieces of land.

The spread of railroads during the 19th century contributed to U.S. industrialization by?

(Apex) Giving factories easier access to natural resources from around the country.

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How did railroads affect the industrial revolution?

First, railroad spurred industrial growth by giving manufacturers a cheap way to transport. Second, the railroad boom created hundreds of thousands of new jobs for both railroad workers and miner. Third, the railroads boosted England's agricultural and fishing industries. Finally, by making travel easier, railroads encouraged country people to take distant city jobs