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What activities of man are destroying the sea?


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the activities of man which affects the seas are: hurricanes , drought, flood and sex.

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The oil spills are destroying the sea and some animals. Whale hunting i's another (Japan is destroying the whale existence) Sewage is and pollution! Some animals are dying because of these causes!

by destroying the microbial enzymatic activities activities

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Nature is not destroying ozone. It is destroyed by man made chemicals.

Humans who are destroying their habitat.

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Man does many things to the environment. We cut down the rain forests, destroying many miles of shelter for animals, we fish in the sea, off setting the balance of the food chain in the ocean, and we leave a large carbon footprint by displacing a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, destroying and weakening the ozone layers

because man or humans are destroying their habitat

He conducted "Total War", destroying everything in site

it accounts for 140 million jobs in fishing and many more indirect activities like:distribution of sea food,shipping,tourism,sea mining,marine military activities,science related activities and leisure activities.

Tortoises are becoming endangered and extinct because of the various activities of humans which are destroying the environment.

Global warming, cutting trees down, littering, wasting water,

Lumberjacks cutting down more than 50% of the trees.

Man can influenced desert climate by activities such as afforestation. Man can also influence it by activities such as irrigation and deforestation.

Yes, like dynamite fishing and burning fossil fuels.

The old man in The Old Man and the Sea played Baseball

Total War (the act of destroying civilian and economic resources)

By building structures in animals wild habitats

In a one word answer - MAN!! Man, as usual has the inevitable way of destroying everything it comes into contact with. Whether they are killing Cuban Crocodiles for skins or meat, or through destroying their habitat for man's own gain, man is killing this planet.

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Spiders help man by destroying a lot of pests that lurks around our house and anywhere else.

Man made pollutants are CFC and FREONS. They decompose our ozone layer.

Man made pollutants are many. But the one destroying ozone is CFC.

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