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The cast of Alles Liebe - 2007 includes: Johannes Klama as Martin

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The cast of Liebe ist alles - 2009 includes: Marlene Lufen as herself

The cast of Alles aus Liebe - 1986 includes: Ilse Hofmann Hellmuth Karasek as Joe Keckeisen Vitus Zeplichal

The cast of Alles nur Liebe - 2005 includes: Esther Hausmann Friederike Kempter Thomas Meinhardt Rene Michaelsen Anne Sarah Hartung Christian Tasche

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The cast of Liebe Liebe... - 2006 includes: Axel Ranisch as Peter Nico Woche as Ralf

The cast of Liebe in Not - 2008 includes: Michael Mary as Himself - Host

The cast of Erstarrte Liebe - 1914 includes: Richard Eichberg

Love lives in me: "Liebe lebt in mir" Everything for the love of Christ: "Alles für die Liebe Christi" or "Alles für die Liebe aus Christus" Love lives in me and everything for the love of Christ: Liebe lebt in mir und alles für die Liebe Christi / alles für die Liebe aus Christus.

Alles Liebe Papa, bis bald = all my love Dad, see you soon

The cast of Rasende Liebe - 2006 includes: Tonino Accardi as himself

The cast of Liebe Kinder - 2009 includes: Sebastian Schlecht as Ben

The cast of Kabale und Liebe - 1913 includes: Friedrich Feher

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The cast of Verbotene Liebe - 1920 includes: Esther Hagan Bruno Kastner

The cast of Verbotene Liebe - 1930 includes: Johann Neuhauser as Horse Rider

The cast of Liebe oder nichts - 2010 includes: Thomas Arnold

The cast of Liebe und Trompetenblasen - 1920 includes: Gerhard Lamprecht

The cast of Fakir der Liebe - 1920 includes: Alfred Abel

The cast of Eine erste Liebe - 1991 includes: Heinz Weixelbraun

The cast of Liebe - 2013 includes: Jesse Collin as Bruno Aadila Dosani as Bridget

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The cast of Liebe und Schrebergarten - 1920 includes: Richard Waldemar