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The cast of Liebe ist alles - 2009 includes: Marlene Lufen as herself

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The cast of Alles Liebe - 2007 includes: Johannes Klama as Martin

The cast of Alles aus Liebe - 1986 includes: Ilse Hofmann Hellmuth Karasek as Joe Keckeisen Vitus Zeplichal

The cast of Alles nur Liebe - 2005 includes: Esther Hausmann Friederike Kempter Thomas Meinhardt Rene Michaelsen Anne Sarah Hartung Christian Tasche

The cast of Alles Ist Liebe - 2014 includes: Heike Makatsch Nora Tschirner as Kiki Christian Ulmen as Viktor Elmar Wepper as Martin Fahri Yardim as Kerem

The cast of Alles in Ordnung - 1982 includes: Hilde Rom as Lena

The cast of Alles gelogen - 1996 includes: Ursula Andress Liselotte Pulver

The cast of Alles Gute... - 1996 includes: Christoph Nuehlen as Young Man

The cast of Alles is niks - 1978 includes: Frits Lambrechts Willem Nijholt

The cast of Alles istories - 1988 includes: Hristos Ginosatis Giorgos Mavroeidis

The cast of Alles offen - 1990 includes: Claudia Balko Detlev Buck

The cast of Alles Wissen - 2006 includes: Thomas Ranft as Himself - Host

The cast of Alles korreckt - 2004 includes: Klaus Ebert as Herr K.

The cast of Alles moet anders - 1989 includes: John Hartnett as Cochran

Love lives in me: "Liebe lebt in mir" Everything for the love of Christ: "Alles für die Liebe Christi" or "Alles für die Liebe aus Christus" Love lives in me and everything for the love of Christ: Liebe lebt in mir und alles für die Liebe Christi / alles für die Liebe aus Christus.

Alles Liebe Papa, bis bald = all my love Dad, see you soon

The cast of Rosa kann alles - 1916 includes: Rosa Valetti William Wauer

The cast of Alles anders - 2003 includes: Leonie Peters Nina Proll Regina Vorbau

The cast of Alles Fotzen ausser Mutti - 2008 includes: Marco Majewski

The cast of Orlandina Uber Alles - 2012 includes: Georgiy Balashov Pavel Chernyak

The cast of Alles Walzer - 1996 includes: Feo Aladag as Theresa Gunther Gillian as Paul

The cast of Mit Heinerle fing alles an - 1980 includes: Curt Bois as himself

The cast of Alles Liebe - 2010 includes: Detlef Bothe as Mann aus Plattenladen Karoline Eichhorn as Kathrin Bergner Hannelore Elsner as Irma Bergner Christian Hanika as Kellner Thomas Immo Jutzler as Gerald Thure Lindhardt as Baptiste Peggy Lukac as Heidrun Axel Schreiber as Laurenz Bergner Ricarda Zimmerer as Louisa Bergner

Alles aus Liebe - 1943 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:12

The cast of Alles wieder still - 1998 includes: Paul Herwig as Mann Rena Zednikova as Frau

The cast of Alles Gute zum Geburtstag - 2013 includes: Alexia von Wismar as Aidan

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