What actors and actresses appeared in Dead Road - 2008?

The cast of Dead Road - 2008 includes: Abay Agyemang as Zombie Vito Cappelluti as Soldier James Colon as Zombie Maria Corina Montero as Lead Zombie Thomas Dardour as Floor Zombie Thomas Dardour as Zombie Vito DeCandia as McKenzie Corrado DeRobertis as Captain Hawkins Corrado DeRobertis as Roaming Zombie Patrick Devaney as Male Survivor Kessler Elias Salnave as Voodoo Mary Ellen Gillick as Zombie Austin Gelfman as Zombie Valentina Gomez as Zombie Nataly Gomez as Zombie Rich Herman as Zombie Dana Kroeck as Female Zombie Eddie Madera as Bitten Soldier Caglar Mason as Zombie Eric Meehan as Zombie Summar Mir as Zombie Luisa Quinchia as Zombie Linda Rollino as Meghan Paola Roncancio as Zombie Rich Ruperto as Rich Kishore Seepersaud as Zombie Armeeth Seepersaud as Zombie Kurt Stahlin as Zombie Nick Todaro as Zombie Nicole Vitale as Zombie Kelly Zapata as Zombie