What actors and actresses appeared in Red State - 2011?

The cast of Red State - 2011 includes: Betty Aberlin as Abigail Kevin Alejandro as Harry, the Tactical Agent Eric Andris as ATF Agent Michael Angarano as Travis Deborah Aquila as Mrs. Vasquez Ash Barnett as Believer Dylan Belardinelli as ATF Agent Morgan Bertsch as Young look a like Marc Blucas as ATF Sniper Nicholas Braun as Billy-Ray Bill Cleavelin as Believer Rose Colasanti as Believer Ronnie Connell as Randy Kaylee DeFer as Dana Shawn Driscoll as Believer Joey Figueroa as Route 9 Friend Patrick Fischler as Agent Hammond William Fix as ATF Agent Kyle Gallner as Jarod Ralph Garman as Caleb John Goodman as Joseph Keenan Molly Hagan as Janet Keenan Erin Hassidim as High School Student Tim Isenman as Jacob Harlow David James McKenzie as High School Student Edward Janda as ATF Agent Ivy Klein as Believer Melissa Leo as Sara Carryl Lynn as Believer David Marciano as Agent Eccles Adam Masnyk as Daunting Student Catherine McCord as News Reporter Mike Mello as ATF Agent Scott Nifong as Believer Alexa Nikolas as Jesse Sadey Paige Nifong as Believer Michael Parks as Abin Cooper James Parks as Mordechai Robert Paul Taylor as Prisoner Alyssa Petersen as Believer Kevin Pollak as ASAC Brooks Ryan Quinlan as ATF Agent Haley Ramm as Maggie Stephen Root as Sherrif Wynan Jennifer Schwalbach Smith as Esther Marnie Shelton as Believer Gary Sievers as Believer Debbie Sperry as ATF Agent Jeffrey T Ferguson as Firefighter Cooper Thornton as Plastic Wrap Man Elizabeth Tripp as Melanie Peter Yaya as ATF Agent Damian Young as Agent Carol Robert Zimiga as ATF Agent