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Q: What administration did cattle drive from merritt to kamloops?
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What was the Chisholm and Goodnight-Loving trails used for?

They were both used to drive cattle.

How did government affect the west?

The people in the west had to mine, had railroads, government, Cattle Industry, and Farmers. The people of the mining towns needed large amounts of supplies western mining boom had begun with the California Gold Rush of 1849.When the Gold Rush ended, miners looked for new opportunities. For farmer they created many jobs and brought civilization to many areas that were desolate before. Towns began springing up next to the railroads and products were brought in by the train. For Cattle Industry as a large-scale commercial operation, the beef cattle industry began in the years following the American Civil War (1861-1865). In the 1860s, longhorn cattle, descended from cows and bulls left by early Spanish settlers, roamed the range in the West. Texas ranchers bred the longhorns with other breeds of cattle, such as Hereford and Angus, producing high-quality beef, which was in great demand in the Eastern states. Ranchers employed cowboys to round up, sort out, and drive herds of cattle to railroads in such towns as Abilene and Dodge City, Kansas, where the cattle were loaded live onto rail cars and shipped to butchers for slaughtering. These lawless, "cow towns" were full of saloons and brothels (house of prostitution), and after a long trail drive the cowboys were eager to waste their money on amusements. For railroads could transport cattle from the west, so farmers did not feel the need to move west Railroads played a key role. Trains carried natural resources from the west to eastern markets. Trains also brought miners, farmers, and ranchers to develop the land. For government

What was not the new type of leisure activities developed around the year 1900?

surfing the internet

How did an armed force of English colonists led by George Washington start a European war?

They tried to drive the French out of the Ohio River valley.

Was the American army unsuccessful in its attempt to drive the British out of Canada?

Yes, the army was unsuccessful in its attempt to drive the British out of Canada.