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Yes, the army was unsuccessful in its attempt to drive the British out of Canada.

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Q: Was the American army unsuccessful in its attempt to drive the British out of Canada?
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Which tribal leader led an unsuccessful escape attempt to Canada?

Cheif Joseph

Did the US ever try to attack Canada?

not Canada in general, but when the british had control, yes, this being the War of 1812. The attacks were unsuccessful.

The colonists's invasion of Canada in 1775?

was unsuccessful and contradicted the American claim that they were only fighting defensively

What did the British North American Act accomplish in Canada?

It divided Canada.

What were the successes and failures of the American military in the first year of the War of 1812?

The Americans failed in there attempt to take Canada from the British but won several naval battles against great odds

Is burkely duffield American?

he's Canadian, from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada in particular:) Abbottsford, British Columbia, Canada

When did Canada become a British colony?

The British colonized Canada in an attempt to rid North America of the French. There were many benefits gained after Britain colonized Canada such as increased fur trade, higher American loyalist settlement, and others.

Did the british-american convention of 1818 fix the boundary between Canada and US?

Yes, on october 20, 1818 the British-American Convention clarified the western border of Canada and the Untited States.

Canada was invaded by the combined forces of who?

Canada was invaded by the American Patriots with the help of Canadian Regiments during the American Revolution. They fought against the British Army and the British Quebec Canadian Militia. The result was a defeat for the American Patriots.

Who sided with the british during the American revolution?

The Canadians and most of the other British colonies sided with the British. The Indian tribes near Canada favored the British. A fair number of people in the American colonies were against the revolution-- they were known as Tories. Some of them fled to Canada.

What roles french and british played in early American history?

The British colonised America and the French colonised Canada. The British beat the French out of Canada with the help of the Canadian native tribes and the American colonists. However, the American colonists then fought for their independence from Britain in the 1770s. The British were helped by the Native American Indians, but eventually the French helped the Americans and the British grated independence to America.

War of 1812 a defining moment for Canada?

The American invasion was the second US attempt to forcibly annex Canada, the first invasion having been attempted and defeated in 1775. Ironically, that attempt at invasion, and Canadians' successful defeat of the invasion, with British help, was crucial in igniting a discussion of nationhood between the very separate French- and English-speaking cultures that led to the creation of Canada as a country.