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They were both used to drive cattle.

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Q: What was the Chisholm and Goodnight-Loving trails used for?
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What was the Chisholm and Goodnight Loving trails used for?

They were both used to drive cattle.

What has the author Craig Chisholm written?

Craig Chisholm has written: 'Oahu Hiking Trails'

What of these cattle trails ran from Texas to central Kansas?


Was one of the cattle trails used to bring cattle raised in Texas to the north?

the Chisholm Trail heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa whats goin on?

Near what city did the chisholm and shawnee trails start?

The Chisholm Trail started near San Antonio, Texas, while the Shawnee Trail started near Austin, Texas. Both trails were used during the 19th century to drive cattle north for sale.

List five cattle drive trails in the US?

The three great cattle trails include the western trail, the Chisholm trail and the goodnight loving trail.

When was the Chisholm trail made?

Somewhere around 1860, after the the trails into Missouri were closed and cattle drives were directed into Kansas.

WHICH CAttle trails ran though Indian territory?

Chisholm trail and Western or Dodge city trail and maybe Shawnee.

What was the chisholm trail and the great western trail?

They were trails that led from south Texas all the way through Kansas and Dodge City.

What were the three main cattle trails during the cattle from Texas TO THE NORTH?

Chisholm Trail,Shawnee Trail,those are the only ones i know of

What is the OregonChisholm and Mormon?

The Oregon, Chisholm, and Mormon Trails were all popular overland travel routes across the western United States in the mid 1800's.

Which two trails used the south pass?

the Oregon and The Mormon Trails.