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Q: What adult psychological disorders is not found in all cultures around the world?
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What has the author Susan Elaine Tough written?

Susan Elaine Tough has written: 'Validation of two standard risk assessments (RRASOR, 1997; STATIC-99, 1999) on a sample of adult males who are developmentally disable with significant cognitive deficits' -- subject(s): Abnormalities, Human, Cognition disorders, Human Abnormalities, Men, Mental retardation, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Cognition disorders, Psychological aspects of Sex offenders, Recidivism, Sex crimes, Sex offenders, Sexual beharior

What has the author Lida Henning written?

Lida Henning has written: 'Volwassen leren' -- subject(s): Adult education, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Adult education, Psychology of Learning

What has the author James A Chu written?

James A. Chu has written: 'Rebuilding shattered lives' -- subject(s): Dissociative disorders, Dissociative Disorders, Psychology, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Adult child abuse victims, Therapy, Treatment, Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic, Rehabilitation

What has the author Jon Eisenson written?

Jon Eisenson has written: 'The psychology of speech' 'Examining for aphasia' 'Language and speech disorders in children' -- subject(s): In infancy & childhood, Language disorders, Language disorders in children, Speech disorders, Speech disorders in children 'Adult aphasia' -- subject(s): Aphasia 'Basic speech'

What two personality disorders get better as adult gain mauturing?

borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder

What are the disadvantages of education through tv?

Less physical activity, no socical interaction can cause adult scocialical disorders.

What has the author Johan Vanderlinden written?

Johan Vanderlinden has written: 'Trauma, dissociation, and impulse dyscontrol in eating disorders' -- subject(s): Adult child abuse victims, Dissociative disorders, Eating disorders, Impulse control disorders, Impulsive personality, Mental health, Methods, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic, Therapy

What has the author Susan Krauss Whitbourne written?

Susan Krauss Whitbourne has written: 'The me I know' -- subject(s): Psychological aspects of Adulthood, Adulthood, Identity (Psychology), Psychological aspects 'The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of adulthood and aging' -- subject(s): Aging, Gerontology, Adulthood, Handbooks, manuals 'Adult development' -- subject(s): Adulthood, Psychological aspects of Adulthood, Physiological aspects of Adulthood, Differentiation (Developmental psychology), Psychological aspects, Social indicators, Physiological aspects, Psychology, Human Development, In adulthood, Adult 'Adult development and aging' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Health and hygiene, Older people, Gerontology, Psychology 'The search for fulfillment' -- subject(s): Self-actualization (Psychology), Psychological aspects of Success, Happiness, Success, Psychological aspects 'Successful Aging'

Do you have to be an adult to be in an eating disorder program?

Definitely not. There are even eating disorders programs geared specifically to teens. And some people have eating disorders even before the teen years, so there are programs for them too.

Does Antisocial and borderline disorders get better on their own as an adult gains maturity?

NO. Often gets worse.

Does a dermatologist see children or adult patients?

Both. Dermatologists specialize in skin disorders and some specialize in pediatric dermatology.

What has the author Jeanette L Jerger written?

Jeanette L Jerger has written: 'Learning to live as an older adult is a creative process' -- subject(s): Aging, Creative ability, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Aging