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What advantages do automatic cars have over those with manual transmission?


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The main advantage that automatic cars have is the ease of which one can learn to drive in them. However, it takes a lt longer for changes in gear to take effect.


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An automatic transmission needs no manual shifting - a continuously variable transmission needs no manual shifting. Based on those parameters I believe that you are okay.

You cant change the actual manual transmission into an Auto howeverr you can take out the manual and put in an automatic transmission instead. You can but it will take time and can carry a high price. The 'simplest' way is to get the equivalent engine/gearbox as a complete unit and do the transplant. If you can get a donor vehicle so much the better. There are always those little bits you need that are difficult to source.

Replace the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) in your transmission. It is the same part number for an automatic transmission and a manual transmission in those year models.

You bet, however you will have to add one of those universal trans cooler kits they sell at an auto parts store. Most around 30-35.00.

Based on the user manual and the repair manual...your transmission and power steering fluid are the same - Dexron II (Dexron III is supposed to work as it covers those that recommend II and III) This is automatic transmission fluid NOT power steering fluid.

Sure you can. It is much easier to turn a manual to an automatic than it is to change an automatic into a manual. the easiest way would be to pick up a hurst shifter. You can get one at just about any performance store. It would bolt on right where the shifter is right now. you would also need an automatic transmission, those trucks came with a 700R4 if I'm not mistaken. If you need anymore info, just ask.

No, not in the least. And maintenance on those transmissions is much more than it is on the manual transmissions.

What year? Manual transmission or automatic? Classic 900 (1979-1993) or Next Generation 900 (1994-1997)? The first 900s (1979-80) came with either a 4-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic. The 5-speed manual arrived in the 1981 model. Those same basic gearboxes were part of the lineup through the end of the model run in 1993 (of 1994 convertible).

If the overall dimensions are correct with two radiators you can use the automatic radiator to a manual tranny car. Those two extra pipes are for the transmission fluid cooler. You have to block those two pipes, or connect them. I used my manual '89 Escort more than 3 years with an used radiator which came from an automatic car.

As I understand it: Manual: There are a set # of gears (usually 4-6) and you switch between them as required. Automatic: Again a set # of gears (usually 3-5), the transmission switches them automatically, based on current speed and other variables CVT: Instead of having a set # of gears, there is a belt (or chain?) between the only 2 "gears" that exist. Difference being that 1 of those "gears" changes it's circumfrence, giving it an unlimited # of gear ratios. The transmission determines what the appropriate gear ratio should be, based on speed, how hard you press the pedal, load, etc. Hope this helps.

those 2 lines are oil lines from the automatic transmission to the radiator .these allow for the transmission oil to be cooled

Mercedes Benz put some of those in Hitler's parade cars

check the shift linkages for adjustment.there is also an actuator switch on side of transmission will prevent this. if those 2 checks dont fix the problem, your transmission is shot

If its an automatic transmission then yes, it does but it might not be enough. If the vehicle doesn't have a factory tow package, it might not have an auxiliary cooler. Those that don't, the transmission cooler is basically your engine radiator. The lines from the transmission go to the radiator. If this is the case, you really should get a separate cooler. Keeping the temp down on an automatic transmission is key to its life.

If it is slipping in those gears then it is time for a rebuild. no EASY FIX

It should. They both had the same manual and automatic options for those years - NV3500 (manual) and 4L60E (auto) for the S10, Blazer, Trailblazer, and 1500; NV4500 (manual) and 4L80E (automatic) for the 2500 and 3500. Note that swapping out a 4L80E in place of a 4L60E is NOT a simple "plug and play" swap.

Would need a better description of the noises and also whether you had an automatic or manual transmission in order to answer this. As is, problems with the torque converter, problems with the vacuum system, problems with the solenoids if it's an auto, clutch in need of replacement if it's a manual... . all those possibilities and more.

You should read the owner's manual or contact the service department of a dealership for an answer pertaining to your specific vehicle. For the most part, if you have a manual transmission and/or a manual transfer case (if yours is a 4x4), it's a simple matter of putting those gearboxes into neutral. With an automatic, you may have to remove the driveshaft in order to be able to flat tow it without damaging the vehicle.

The engine control module in the automatic transmission Supras and the Manual transmission Supras in the MKII (1982-1986) body style are interchangable year for year. You do NOT have to swap the wiring harnesses, contrary to what is posted below.You WILL have to trick the car to make it start. This is because the automatic transmission ECM needs to see the vehicle is in park or neutral before it can be started. This is easily done by retaining the neutral safety switch from the automatic transmission and "clicking" it to the park or neutral setting permanently.Parts wise, here is what you WILL need to complete an automatic to manual transmission swap for your car.Front piece of driveshaft from manual supra (or entire driveshaft) - Cressida driveshafts are not the same length as MKII driveshafts and can not be substituted.W58 transmission w/ proper bellhousingW58 clutchW58 flywheel and boltsmanual transmission crossmemberclutch slave cylinder and soft lineclutch master cylinder and hard line that runs down body to bracketclutch pedal assemblybrake pedal assemblyManual shifterPilot bearing (buy a new one)AnswerHi to let you know that I know what im talking about I auto cross a 86 supra and I work In a transmission shop you would need to take the computer and the whole wire harness from the computer to the motor from a 5speed supra the same year as your auto and use it to wire the motor with that set up because there are several relays and sensors on the auto that are control bye the PC that the manual dose not have and the autos PC controls those and if there not there to read your car would run like hell if not at all you probably already know about switching flex plate to fly wheel and all that good stuff

There are about half-a-dozen Solara models for that year. Some have four-cylinder engines, some are six cylinder. Some have manual transmissions while others are automatic. They all get different EPA mileage numbers. Those numbers range from a high of 20 mpg city, 29 mpg highway for the 4 cylinder manual transmission car to 17 mpg city, 24 mpg for the six-cylinder automatic transmission convertible. If you're looking for numbers for a different model they're all posted at Cheers

Assuming you have a 4.3 GM engine, the manual is probably an NV3500 five speed overdrive transmission. You can use it on a 5.0, 5.3, or 5.7 V8, but if you turbocharge those engines, or try using it on a big block V8, the torque will be way excessive for that transmission - you would need to upgrade to the NV4500.

Yes, you can put any other speed tranny in as long as the bolt patterns match. What this means is that you have to find out what other transmissions your engine will accept. Then you can choose from those.

The 2005 Dodge Stratus was offered in a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. For those equipped with the 2.4L the 41TE automatic transmission capacity is 9.2 quarts.

If your van is an automatic? They may have giving you one for a manual transmission. Those two are different. Take your old one to the auto parts store and measure up.

designations, POWER changes the shift points so that you stay in lower gears a little longer, and MAN is a manual override that puts it in a Tiptronic-like mode. If these switches really don`t do anything, those features of the transmission may be inoperable

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