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Plants don't have "vitamins".

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Do plants need vitamin c?

yes but plants produce their own vitamin C

How does oxygen affect vitamin c?

it evaporates the vitamin c

Does age affect vitamin c content of vegetables?

The age of a vegetable does not affect the vitamin C content. However, vitamin C can be destroyed by heat.

How does the temperature affect vitamin c?

Vitamin C is destroyed in cooking.

Did heat affect the vitamin c in food?

heat destroys vitamin C

Does a vitamin D help plants grow?

I have just finished a science project for pjas questioning what vitamins affect plant growth the most and out of these: fish oil, vitamin b12, vitamin d, and vitamin c vitamin d has definitely affected the growth of plants the most. It gave my plants the best color, strongest leaves and most flowers.

Does vitamin c affect plant growth?

no !

Does vitamin c help plants grow?


Do different brands of vitamin water affect the growth of plants?


Does vitamin C affect the birth control pill?

Vitamin C does not change how well the birth control pill prevents pregnancy.

How can you give plants vitamin C?

Water them with Sunny D

Does mold grow quickly on vitamin c?

Yes, Mold does grow quickly on Vitamin C. I was attempting to perform a science experiment and mold grew on my Vitamin C group within the first week. It only grew on the Vitamin C plants though.

Can vitamin C affect respiratory health?

researchers have found that vitamin C is associated with improved lung function and overall respiratory health.

What vitamins do plants need?

Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are essential for the plants to grown. The best way to supply these vitamins is by feeding your soil with organic compounds and manure.

What happens if you give plants vitamin C?

they start produce oranges

Do you give your plant Vitamin C once a week?

Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid) is not needed for plants. Plant food has nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Plants also like calcium and magnesium.

Does Vitamin C affects the freezing point of Kool-Aid?

The concentration of vitamin C is too small to affect significantly the freezing point.

How does cooking processing or storage affect the vitamin c in foods?

Its good

How does temperature affect vitamin c?

When Vitamin C is heated below 70 degrees celcius (158 degrees fahrenheit), it is perserved. This is because when you heat the Vitamin C, the enzyme ascorbic acid oxidase is boiled away. Ascorbic acid oxidase is a catalyst to the oxidation of Vitamin C. However, if Vitamin C is heated above 70 degrees celcius, the heat will start to damage the Vitamin C.

Can you affect vitamin C or another vitamin levels in juice or another food by adding a preservative to the juice?

No, in fact Vitamin C itself acts like a preservative to a certain extent. Note that excessive light or heat will break down Vitamin C.

Does vitamin c help plant germination?

yes it does vitimin c helps plants grow better.

What are the plants that produce vitamin C?

all mediterarian fgruits or citurs fruits

What mineral gives you vitamin c?

None, all vitamins can only be produced by living things, minerals are non-living. Vitamin C is mostly produced by plants.

Does heating affect the vitamin c content of a fruit juice?

no ,shut up

Can antibiotics for gonorrhea - ceftriaxone and doxycycline - be affected by vitamin C tablets?

Vitamin C does not affect treatment for gonorrhea. See your healthcare or pharmacist if you have additional questions.