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The mass is basically NOT affected by gravity. The weight IS affected, and it is equal to mass x gravity.

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mass is a constant and not affected; weight is affected as it is mass x acceleration of gravity

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Q: What affected by gravity the weight or the mass?
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Is mass affected by gravity?

Though weight is effected by gravity, mass is not affected by gravity.Actually mass is affected by gravity. Although the amount of mass is not affected by gravity, mass itself is.

Is mass and weight affected on the moon by gravity?

Mass isn't affected by gravity, but weight directly depends on it.

How are weight and mass affected by gravity?

Mass is not affected by gravity. Weight is the result of the force of gravity acting on mass.

Does density of an object depend on the gravity of the object?

Density is not affected by gravity. Density is affected by mass and volume, such that density = mass/volume. Weight, but not mass, is affected by gravity. Weight and mass are not the same thing.

Is mass affected by gravity on earth and other planets?

No. Weight is affected by gravity.

Does the mass of an object depends on the strength of gravity?

No mass is not affected by gravity, weight is.

Is The amount of an objects mass affected by gravity?

No. But the weight of that mass depends on the local gravity.

What is mass weight and gravity?

mass is the amount of matter that something has, not affected by gravity. Gravity is a force or traction. Lastly weight is the force of gravity pulling on an object or a mass

What is the property of matter that is not affected by gravity and is constant?

The property of matter that is not affected by gravity is mass. An object has the same mass regardless of the force of gravity, however it's weight can vary. Weight is the force of gravity acting on the mass of an object.

Is the weight of an object not affected by gravity?

weight is defined as the product of mass and gravity constant. as the value of gravity changes weight is also changed

Would newtons change on the moon?

No. Newtons are a measurement of mass and are relative only to Earth's gravity and are not affected by changes in gravity. Only weight is affected by changing gravity. On Earth, weight and mass are the same because Earth's gravity is the benchmark constant for measuring mass in Newtons, and weight is affected by that very same factor (Earth's gravity). On other planets, mass is unchanged because the Earthly gravity is a constant (and therefore, unchanged), and the weight changes because now it is affected by a new planetary gravity.

What determines your weight on a planet?

Gravity. Mass is totally different and won't be affected by a planet's gravity.

How do the meaning of mass and weight differ?

mass is the amount of matter in an object. mass remains unaffected by gravity. weight is a measure of a gravitational pull on n object and is there for affected by gravity.

Why is weight not the same as mass?

For example, the same object (with the same mass) will be affected differently by Earth's gravity, and by the lesser gravity on the Moon (i.e., its weight will change).

How does the concept of mass differ from the concept of weight?

Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Mass remains unaffected by gravity. Weight is a measure of the gravitational pull on an object and is therefore affected by gravity.

Is it true that massis the amount of gravity in yourbody?

No. Mass is the amount of material in your body. Your weight is determined by gravity, and will increase as gravity increases, but the actual mass of your body is not affected by gravity.

What would be the effect on the mass and the weight of an object if the object weas taken to a planet with twice the gravity of earth?

Mass is not affected by gravity, so it would have the same mass. Weight, on the other hand, is affected by gravity, and would double when on the planet as compared to when it is on Earth (w=mg, where w=weight, m=mass, g=gravitational acceleration also called strength of gravity)

Does gravity depend on mass or weight?

well weight depends on mass and gravity so gravity depends on mass. e.g weight=mass X gravity

Are mass and weight both independent of gravity?

No. Mass is independent of gravity, but weight is a function of gravity and mass.

What will happen of your mass if you go up to moon?

Nothing. Your mass isn't affected by gravity. Your weight changes though. Your weight in earth/6= your weight in moon

What relationship does mass weight and gravity have?

Weight = mass x gravity

Would a mass of a solid of g have same weight on earth?

Mass and weight are two separate things. Mass is how much an object contains. Weight is how the mass is affected by gravity. To answer your question, no, it would not.

Why would a rock's mass and weight be affected on the moon?

A rock's mass is not affected by the moon. It's weight is a function of mass and gravity. So, the same rock would weigh more on Earth than on the Moon, as the Earth's gravity is greater. In order to effectively confuse the issue, I should point out that gravity is also a function of mass...

Which type of measurement is affected by gravity?

The measurement of weight is affected by gravity.

What is the relationship between weight mass and gravity?

weight = mass x gravity