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What after twenty years of abandonment of marriage is the couple still married?


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Yes. You need to file for divorce.

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My Opinion, They haven't been around for twenty years! so that would leave you maintaining whatever property it is for the whole time. My advice. Check your local Laws on that issue and you may even want to get a lawyer. And most of all get a DIVORCE, if you two aren't going to work it out twenty years later than move along. If you stay married you are LEGALLY tied to their dead weight. Literally.

Robert Palmer was married once. His wife's name was Susan Eileen Thatcher, who he married in late 1979. Their marriage lasted twenty years and they were divorced in 1999.

I'm sorry, same-sex marriage is not legal in Trinidad. In fact, homosexual activity is illegal there and punishable with a twenty-five year jail sentence. The Canadian citizen would have to apply for a fiance visa to bring the Trinidadian to Canada for the purpose of marriage. The couple would then be married while in Canada, but unmarried while in Trinidad.

You just can not get married at a young age to a girl, you have to be a certain age to get married , and that age is almost 21 , twenty one years in all countries. As you can have a driving license. Till then you are to young to even get a full time work.

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Twenty years or older.

like fifteen or twenty minutes

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It has no universally-accepted name.

Yes You can.I did when i was sixteen and i had my mothers consent.She had to go with us to get our marriage licence and she had to show her I.D. plus my birth certificate.

There are twenty people who are recorded to have been children of Charlemagne. He probably had others.We are not sure whether Charlemagne had four wives or five. The generally accepted number is four.He may have been married to a woman named Himiltrude, but they are recorded to have had two children.His earliest recorded marriage, to Desiderata, was annulled, and they had no children.His marriage to Hildegard produced nine children before she died.He married a woman named Fastrada, and they had two children before she died.His last marriage, to Luitgard, lasted twenty years, but they had no children.He had seven children recorded to have been born to concubines.There is a link below.

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False. Shakespeare was eight years younger than her. When they married in 1582 he was eighteen and she was twenty-six.

They married in 1764, when Elizabeth was twenty-nine, and Samuel was fourty-two. They married in 1764, when Elizabeth was twenty-nine, and Samuel was fourty-two.

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Henry VIII was married to Catherine of Aragon for the longest. About twenty years

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At 16 you cannot get married unless you have permission from your parents.

George Weasley married Angelina Johnson. Fred Weasley died when he was twenty.

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