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It varies from individual to individual. Some puppies will already be born with brown eyes, and some of the blue eyed bunch will never change color. Generally, if the eyes do decide they want a color change, it's a trait that happens constantly during puppy hood, albeit the changes are usually just darkening/lightening, and not actual color changes.

Usually you wont see their final 'adult' color till after they are 1 year old, and even after they hit the 1 year mark, their eyes may still be changing colors. It's not unheard of for a 3 year old dog's eyes to change color with no health problems!

With that all being said, if the puppy's eyes are still blue at 6 months, though there's a small change of them jumping to brown/hazle, don't get your hopes up too high, as at that stage they're likely to only change between shades of blue.

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What colour is a German sheperd puppies eyes when there born?

Blue but they usually change

When do puppies eyes change colour?

It's varies but mostly around 2-3 weeks

Can eyes change colour?

it's not just vampires that can, some people are born with one colour of eyes and it changes as they grow up. a few people even have eyes that change colour regularly. :D

Can adult chocolate labs have blue eyes?

It is not normal for adult labs to have blue eyes. Usually lab puppies usually have blue eyes as puppies but over time they change to a darker colour like yellow. This is the website i got the info from:

Do puppies eyes change color?

Yes, when they are born they almost always have blue eyes,then they change,some do stay blue.

Why do your eyes change colour?

Actually, your eyes seems to change color because of the transmission of light and reflection to your eyes.

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How long do a puppies eyes stay blue?

The eyes of the puppies usually stay blue when they are between 8 and 14 days old. After 8 and 14 days the colors of the eyes usually change to normal.

Do vampires eyes change color?

according to twilight they only change colour at night or when they are near humans unlike the cullens who can control their thirst so their eyes only change colour at night

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What colour eyes do cats have?

Pale/Dark Green Pale/Dark Blue Hazel/Brown Colour Cats eyes usually change colour, like my cat Mango She had the palest blue eyes, they soon changed to a green, and then to a hazel colour she has now

What age does a canine puppies eyes change color?

I have a 8 week old pitt pup with bright blue eyes, will they stay that color or change as he gets older?

Why does a Shih-Tzu puppies eyes keep watering and it makes her fur go a brownish colour near her eyes?

because its eyes have a spacial bacteria in them which makes them do that and will turn green in later life

5 week old pitbull puppy has dark blue or black eyes Will they change eventually to a lighter color?

All puppies are born blind with foggy blue eyes, the eyes change when they get older.

Can LED Christmas lights change colour on camera but not in front of your eyes?


What colour are Miley Cyrus' Eyes?

miley's eyes change colors so they are different at times.

What kind of puppies have blue eyes?

puppies that are all white w/ blue eyes are blind

When do puppies open their eyes-?

Puppies open their eyes when they are between 9 and 11 days old.

Do kitten pupils change as they get older?

Not the pupils - the colour of their eyes change. Cats, as kittens open their eyes ten days after being born. evey kitten is born with blue eyes. Between the age of 6-8 weeks their eyes will change colour and they will stay that colour for the rest of their lives. they can change to yellow, green and loads more, or they will stay blue. I'm not sure why, but it could dependon the parents geens and if they are pedigree kittens, some breeds have their own specific eye colour they keep for their lifetime.

What is the color of Edward Cullen's eyes?

It depends. If he is thirsty (in the sense of craving blood), his eyes are a pure black colour and he gets dark shadows under his eyes. When he's not thirsty his eyes are a beautiful golden colour. However, before he became a vampire, he had green eyes like his mother.his eyes colour change according to his mood!

Does colour of eyes change with weather?

Yes, some eyes do adapt to changes in weather or surroundings. The color itself does not usually change, but the shade or tint can.

Are puppies born with blue eyes?

Yes, they are born without there eyes open but when they open them they stay blue for four weeks if they don't change color then there probably not going to change color.