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Well, when dogs are 1 year old they are an adult. So my answer is a year or older is good.

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Are chihuahuas carnivores?

Chihuahuas, like all species of dogs, are carnivores.

Where are chihuahuas found?

chihuahuas are from all over the world! they come from Souix falls.

Do long hair chihuahuas bark a lot?

Most all chihuahuas bark to much.

Do all chihuahuas have brown eyes?


What are all the smallest dogs?


Are chihuahuas colorblind?

all dogs are

Do chihuahuas have good hearing?

All dogs have good hearing but i think chihuahuas hearing is a little limited

Can you get pregnant if your under age?

What do you mean by "under age?" If you have gotten your period and all of that development inside your body had started then yes, you can get pregnant.

How many chihuahuas is it best to have?

chihuahuas work great in a one dog household or w/ other pets Ihave 2 chihuahuas, a car and 2 ferrets..they all get along great. chihuahuas work great in a one dog household or w/ other pets Ihave 2 chihuahuas, a car and 2 ferrets..they all get along great.

Can you get pregnant at the age of 5?

No, because you have not had your hormones set in yet, or you have not had your period, you need to have sex to get pregnant, unless you have started at the youngest age of all!

Is it right to get a girl pregnant at 15?

{| |- | Of course not. In almost all states and countries, the legal age of consent is 16. Getting someone younger pregnant is going to be considered a crime, perhaps even statutory rape. |}

Do teacup chihuahuas bark a lot?

Yes, all Chihuahuas bark alot. Don't get them. Theyre ugly. And they live long.

What animals eat chihuahuas?

Since most - if not all - chihuahuas are kept as pets and protected by their owners, chihuahuas rarely gets eaten by other animals. But many predators are opportunistic, and any predator big enough to take on a chihuahua might have a go if the conditions are right. Birds of prey, coyotes, big snakes, alligators etc.

How do you keep a Chihuahua?

First of all, you need to research about the chihuahua breed to see i it's the one for you. I have three chihuahuas, and they all got along with my 5 year old standard poodle. Trust me, chihuahuas are a fantastic breed, but make sure it's the right for you. If you have other dogs, keep them away from the chihuahua unless it's under your supervision and controlled. Chihuahuas are very fragile, so if you handle one, please be careful because they are very delicate. Chihuahuas are great with kids once they get older and a little bigger. Chihuahuas are very intelligent dogs, very mellow. They are a little hyper when they are a little younger, bu they mature around 1 year and 5 months of age. I hope this helped, and congrats if you get a new puppy!! Or if you already have one!!! :)

What are all the types of chihuahuas?

Though Chihuahuas can vary greatly in their size, coats, colors, and appearances, there is still only one Chihuahua breed.

Are chihuahuas rodents?

No, They are "canine's". As are all dog's big & small.

Can you get pregnant at the age of 11 if your on your period?

yes , any girl that has had her period can get pregnant no matter how young they have gotten it . it still would not be smart at all to be having sex at the age of 11 ?

Do girls get pregnant at age 9?

Yes if they ovulate they can, all they have to do is have sex with a boy.

Is it all right to be scared to be pregnant?

Umm ,yes. It's not uncommon.

Urine test pregnant?

they worked and were right all four times for me...

Is it all right to get facebook at the age of 8?

its illegal. reccommended age is 13

Can a 13 year old go out with a 16 year old and it still be legal?

I think its okay :) Age is just a number after all ^w^ Do what you feel is right just don't get pregnant !!!

Can you still get pregnant right after your period?

yes, you can get pregnant regardless of what day of the cycle you are in. you need to use protection at all times.

Is it all right if your pregnant guinea pig bleed?

no. take it to hte vet

Is it all right to work around nitrous oxide while pregnant?

Absolutely not.

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