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it really doesnt matter any age is okay all you are doing is ripping a hole in your tissue..... not meaning to make it sound scary
it burns a little so if you are a smaller child and you have very low pain tolerance then you should wait until your older when you can deal with the burning a little more
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โˆ™ 2012-04-16 19:41:21
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Q: What age should you get your ears peirced?
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What is the average age to get your ears peirced?

The appropriate age to get your child's ears pierced is 10.

How old should you be when you get your ears pierced?

You can get them peirced at whatever age you want, I got them done when i was ten.

Do you have to be 18 to get your ears peirced?

no you can get them peirced when you are a baby

What is the youngest age to have your ears pierced?

Well some people get their kids ears peirced as early as 1 month old!

What hurts more getting your ears peirced or your tongue peirced?

Your tongue.

Where can you get your ears peirced?


How old do have to be to get your dimples peirced in Arizona?

You have to be 14 to get anything other than your ears peirced in arizona

Does Justin Bieber has his ears peirced?


How much does it cost to get your ears peirced?


How old should you be to get your ears peirced?

It usually doesn't depend on what the age. It depends on how responsible you are. You have to clean your newly pierced ears three times a day. I could also depend on what your parents think. Check out ( Not sure I spelled that correctly) to see what it takes to get your ears pierced!

Does Selena Gomez have any piercings?

no, she only has her ears peirced

Does Justin bieber have a earring?

yes, he has both ears peirced

Does jb ear pierce?

yes he has both of his ears peirced

What is the legal age to get your belly button pierced in America?

well its the same thing as getting your ears peirced theres no legal age its up to you and/or your parents. i got mine when i was 12.

Can you lose your hearing if you have your nose pierce?

no, your nose can be peirced and your ears will be unaffected.

How old was Bella Thorne when she got her ears peirced?

probably very little

What does it mean if a man has both ears pierced?

It means nothing but if he only get his right ear peirced hes gay but if he only gets his left peirced means he not gay but if you get both it means nothing

How much does it cost to get your ears peirced at Claires?

The cost is about $20 with the free piercing kit.

Should you swim in a pool right after you get your ears peirced?

Yes, it is totally fine. To be on the safe side, use your cleaner and rinse the piercing sites off after you are done.

What age can a Doberman's ears be cropped?

Doberman's ears should be cropped before 9 weeks of age. At that age the cartilage is set for the ears to lay flat and the will not stand

Does it hurt to get ears peirced?

it feels like a little quick sting then before you know it its done

Does Justin Bieber have any piercings?

Yes he has both ears pierced. he doesnt wear them a lot. He had them before he was famousno but he got a tatooHe has his ears peirced

Can you get your ears pierced again?

yes you can i have gotten my ears peirced like 5 times because i took my earings out to soon so yes you can have your ears pierced more than once if your ears close back up!!

How much is it too peers an American girl doll ears?

nothing because if you want your doll to have pierced ears you need to buy one that comes with peirced ears then u buy earrings

Is it okay for girls to have their ears pierced?

it depends on the religion you have. It might not hurt as much when the girls are babies, but if you get them peirced later on in life there is a bigger chance that you might get your ears infected.