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Q: What air force system is used for presenting forces to the combatant commander?
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What is Dwight.D.Eisenhower's accomplishments?

Five Star Army rank, US President, Supreme Commander Allied Forces in Europe, and the US Interstate Highway System.

Who is called the supreme commander of endocrine system and why?

Hypothallamus is thesupreme commander of endocrine system.

What is system of forces?

system of force is a collaction of forces

How to make a system of forces in equilibrium just by changing the angles of forces?

To ensure a system of forces is in equilibrium by changing the angles of the forces, adjust the angles until the vector sum of all forces in the horizontal and vertical directions equals zero. This means that the forces balance each other out, leading to equilibrium. Use trigonometric functions to determine the components of each force in different directions to achieve equilibrium.

What capabilities does the joint portal shield or jps give combatant commanders?

As a fixed emplacement Chemical Biological Radiation and Nuclear Detection System, the Jint Portal Shield (JPS) provides combatant commanders with situational awareness information for their installation that provides actionable content usually within the combatant commanders existing Common Operating Picture (COP).

The patronage system led to the construction of the first?

permanent structures for presenting plays.

What are the Head of Armed Forces?

In the United States, the Head of the Armed Forces is called the Commander-in-Chief and this position is held by the President of the United States. The president is a civilian political officeholder. So the United States should be understood as having a military system that is under civilian control.

How many forces can be added in a 3-dimensional system?

Any number of forces can be added.. The 3-D system does not limit the number of forces, only their dimensionality.

How does the immune system respond to chemicals on the surface of an invading organism?

By presenting small pieces of the organism on their surface

What is concurrent forces in space?

When all the forces of a force system act in one plane it is called coplanar force system. If the forces act in more than one plane then it is forces in space. In this case forces are not contained in one plane. When all the forces of a system pass through a common point they are called concurrent forces. Thus we have concurrent coplanar forces when all forces are in one plane and pass through a common point. Also when forces in space pass through a common point we have concurrent forces in space.

Are the collinear vectors and parallel vectors the same?

Collinear forces are concurrent system type of forces, whereas parallel vector forces cannot be concurrent system type of force but they can be coplanar nonconcurrent system type of force

If body A and body B are both within a system can forces between them affect the acceleration of the system?

Yes, if body A and body B interact with each other through forces, these forces can affect the net acceleration of the entire system. The net acceleration of the system is determined by the external forces acting on the system and the forces between the bodies within the system.