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ATA/Air Tran/ Comair/Delta/Southwest/ Frontier/Continental

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2008-05-22 22:18:53
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Q: What airlines depart from Chicago Midway Airport?
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What the main airlines that depart from the Jacksonville airport?

AirTran Airways, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Southwest Airlines and US Airways all fly out of Jacksonville International Airport (JAX).

How many American Airlines flights depart from Cleveland Hopkins Airport each day?

Cleveland Hopkins Airport founded in 1925 making it the first urban airport owned by the U.S. Six hundred and seventy American Airlines flight depart from Clevend Hopkins Airport each day.

Where did the planes depart from in the 911 attackl?

American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 both departed from Logan International Airport. American Airlines Flight 77 departed from Washington Dulles International Airport. United Airlines Flight 93 departed from Newark Liberty International Airport.

What airlines depart from Larnaca LCA to East-midlands airport?

For non-stop flights: First Choice Airways, Thomsonfly, Thomas Cook Airlines and XL Airways.

What is a sentence for the word depart?

The plane will depart from the airport soon.

What airport did the plane depart from that hit the pentagon?

Washington Dulles International Airport

How many flights leave heathrow each day?

Approximately 650 flights depart each day from London Heathrow Airport. There are 82 airlines that use this airport, and the most popular destinations are New York, Dubai, Dublin, and Frankfurt.

Does Hawaiian Airlines offer flights to Las Vegas?

Hawaiian Airlines does offer flights to Las Vegas. The flights depart from Hawaii, and there are also flights that depart from other locations in the United States.

What airlines fly to Muscat?

Depends from where you depart. Most major airlines in Europe fly to Muscat, as well as Omanair.

Is john Wayne airport an international airport?

It's designated as an International Airport, but no international flights depart or arrive from it.

How many flights each day depart boston logan airport?

The Boston Airport is a International transportation center and handles hundreds of flights every day. So its good to say hundreds of flights depart out of the Boston Airport.

Can you enter UK through Heathrow and depart from Edinburgh airport?


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