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The Airbus A380 which is a double-deck wide-body aircraft while the B737 is a narrow-body.

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Q: What airplane has more passengers Boeing 737 or Airbus a380?
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What is double deck airplane?

Boeing 747 Airbus A380

How many passengers can the emirates Boeing a380 carry in a single class configuration?

Please ask your question again. The Boeing a380 does not exist. The A380 is built by Airbus, Boeing builds the 747.

Is the Airbus A380 the Boeing 747's only Rival?

The Airbus A380 is not the only Rival for the Boeing 747.

What is the wingspan of an airplane?

Boeing 747-400 212 ft 2in Airbus A380 261ft 10in

How much bigger is the Boeing 747 than the Boeing 787?

the Boeing 747 is bigger han the 787. The Boeing 747 can seat over 400 people, but the Boeing 787 can only seat about 300 passengers. The Boeing 747 is the second largest commercial airplane in the world. (the largest commercial airplane in the world is the airbus A380.)

What are the names of airplane in emirates?

Currently they operate: Airbus A380, Airbus A340-500, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A330-200, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-200 Details taken from the related link.

What is bigger a Boeing 777 or airbus a380?

The Airbus A380 is clearly larger than a Boeing 777.

What is the most high tech airplane?

In commercial aviation, the most recent aircraft are the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380.

Which is bigger Boeing or Airbus?

The A380 is bigger than any Boeing.

What is the world's biggest airliner?

At the moment its the Airbus A380, it used to be the Boeing 747. The Airbus A380 is 7% larger

What are the names of the planes?

Airbus A380 and Boeing 787

Why was the a380 made?

The Airbus A 380 was made by airbus to compete with the Boeing 747

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