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All of the following are non cyclic alkanes with five carbon atoms: pentane, methyl butane, 2,2-dimethyl propane, and 2-ethyl propane. If cyclic alkanes are included, there are also cyclopentane, methyl cyclobutane, ethyl cyclopropane, and dimethyl cyclopropane.

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Q: What alkane has five carbon atoms?
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What is a common type of alkane made of three bonded carbon atoms?

Propane is the alkane with three carbon atoms.

How many carbon atoms are present in the alkane whose IUPAC name is 2,2,4-trimethylpentane?


How many Hydrogen atoms are in an Alkane with 16 Carbon atoms?

A non cyclic alkane always has a number of hydrogen atoms equal to 2c + 2, where c is the number of carbon atoms. Therefore, hexadecane, an alkane with 16 carbon atoms, will have 34 hydrogen atoms.

An alkane with 3 carbon atoms would have how many hydrogen atoms in the molecule?

The generic formula for an alkane is CnH(2n + 2).Therefore, an alkane with 3 carbon atoms would have 8 hydrogen atoms.

What is the condensed structural formula for an alkane with four carbon atoms?

An alkane is a basic saturated hydrocarbon that has nothing but hydrogen atoms singly bonded to carbon atoms. The alkane with the formula C4H10 is butane.

What alkane has 10 carbon atoms?


What is C4H14?

Alkane with six carbon atoms

How many hydrogen atoms are present in a three-carbon alkane?

8. The number of hydrogen atoms in an alkane having n carbon atoms is 2n + 2 hydrogen atoms.

What is the complete structural formula of an alkane with three carbon atoms?

The alkane containing 3 carbon atoms is Propane CH3-CH2-CH3 .

How many total hydrogen atoms would be in a five carbon noncyclical alkane?

Alkanes are CnH2n+2, so for 5 carbon alkane, n = 10+2 =12 or 12 hydrogen atoms. It would be like this..CH3CH2CH2CH2CH3

What is formula for alkane?

any alkane consists of a string of carbon molecules with covalent SINGLE bonds between adjacent carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are then single bonded to two hydrogen atoms each, and the carbon atoms on the end of the chain that are only bonded to one other carbon atom each get 3 hydrogens. so an alkane with 2 carbons gets 6 hydrogen, an alkane with 3 carbons gets 8, an alkane with 4 carbons gets 10, etc. So the formula is CnH2n+2. This means if you have 'n' carbon atoms in the alkane, you have 2n+2 hydrogen atoms.

What is the formula of the alkane with four carbon atoms?


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