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work sheet

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Q: What allow users to enter calculate manipulate and analyze data in excel?
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What allows you to enter calculate manipulate and analyze data such as numbers and text?

Worksheets allow users to enter, calculate, manipulate, and analyze data such as numbers and text. Worksheets means the same as spreadsheets.

Allow users to enter calculate manipulate and analyze data?

According to experts, worksheets allows for users to enter, calculate, manipulate and analyze data which include numbers and texts. Worksheets are also known as spreadsheets.

Allows you to enter calculate manipulate and analyze data?


What allows you to enter calculate manipulate and anlayze data?

Spreadsheets and databases allow you to do that. MS Excel is a spreadsheet program. MS Access is a database program.

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Yes it is... It's primary function is to allow the user to enter text - then manipulate such options as the size, style and colour of the typed words.

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